NEW GAMES ... Coming soon! :)

Discussion in 'Homebound/Bedbound' started by ConfusedInPA, Oct 1, 2014.

  1. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody!

    GB and I have been talking about a series of games.

    Called "Quick Quiz".

    Different topics, such as TV & Movies, pictures, word scrambles, etc etc etc. Just fun little games.

    And, y'all can add your games, too! Anybody can start a game. :)

    I will start the first game, or two or three, to get y'all started.

    So look for my next post(s).

    I hope y'all enjoy these games. Any comments, questions, suggestions, etc. can be directed to me on this thread or on Private Message.

    Hugs, y'all..............

    Ready, set, go!

  2. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    bumping to the top! :)
  3. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Diane, Good to see you! Glad you're feeling better.
    These are really good ideas. :) GB
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - I am very happy to seeing you posting and playing your games again. Every one I checked out I didhn't ave a clue but no time to goggling anything. HUGZ to you , Granni