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    Hi to everyone.So pleased to find this board.I was diagnosed with fibro 4 years ago after an op which was like 1/2 a hysterectomy.I was bedridden for 9 months and my scar opened after 4 months with infection.Could not move 1/4 of an inch with the pain and i saw loads of docs but no one knew cos in england its not well recognised like in US.Even now i only know 3 people with fibro and my doctors are not in that 3 lol.I lost weight my hair fell out and i was like a parrot repeating myself 10 times in 3 minutes.HOW BORING LOL.It was 2 years before i was told what was wrong and we went to library and they did not have ONE book on fibro so had to order it!!!
    I have found out everything i now know about it on this site and am so grateful to you all for your information.
    I realise now that i had fibro years ago but only mild then cos i could still work but i have it severe now and will never work again.I miss my old life but now i have to just take care of me so i can function and be ok for my family so they dont worry about me.My daughter says its only cos of my mad sense of humour that im still here!!!!
    Thanx for listening and hope my post is not too boring
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    Glad you found us! I'm about your age (52) and also have fibromyalgia. It has certainly changed my lifestyle. I guess I also have CFS which has been a real challenge for me. I'm lucky - my doctors are very supportive and help me as much as they can. I also started seeing a nutritionist and he's helping me with my diet. Ask as many questions as you like - people here are always willing to help! Glad to meet you!!!!!

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    this is a great site. i've learned so much here it's amazing.and people are always willing to go out of their way to help if they can.glad you found us!

  4. pinkquartz

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    i am also in the UK , down south...i have never been to liverpool.
    i am one of the ones with CFS and FM, my illnesses began after trouble after an emergency c section a long time ago. Like you i had a bad infection that opened up .i am too squemish for any more details..ugh....

    it s really
    good that you know about this site, i only found it earlier this year and it has been so helpful for the info , and its such a blessing for the contact with all these people who are supportive and who are also battling with the terrible DD.

    scousers are famous for their humour , are you old enough to remember the Beatles......i would guess you are too young ?

    I 'm glad for you that your family are supportive , my daughter is now grown up and has become more distant because i am always ill, almost her entire life..Happily i now have two grandchildren that are wonderful and good fun...they have total acceptance of granny in her wheelchair and love me as i am.
    just as well someone does ! ;-}

    cheers ,pinkquartz

  5. averilpam

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    I'm originally from Liverpool too, though I live in Leeds now,
    I agree this site is so helpful. I've decided the medical establishment has little to offer me though my GP is being fairly helpful so far, and I'm trying various supplements and plan to try some homeopathy and maybe Bown tecnique to try and relieve some symptoms. I'm still working full time, though off sick at the moment (waiting for gall bladder surgery, too nauseous and exhausted to work)

    your post was certainly not boring, it's nice to hear each others stories I think, and I feel like a lot of the people on this site are my friends, we all try to support one another.
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    thanx kid sonny,spacee,Annette2,jka pinkquartz and averilpam for all ur replies.I was to young to see BEATLES but my siblings did!!All scousers learned Beatles songs before nursry rhymes lolol.Nice to read all the info here cos in UK we dont have many docs that have heard of fibro so its hard
    get anyone to understand what we go thru.When my family and friends visit i am like a clown cos that is the way they know me.If i am not well i dont tell them details cos they dont understand.Ilost 10 lbs the other week cos i was really ill but when anyone rang i said,
    I look great cos ive lost loads of weight lol.Thats me.
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  7. Shirl

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    Hi Rena, welcome to our world. Glad you are enjoying and learning from the whole site, thats what its here for.

    I have had FM for over twenty years, and have yet to meet one person in 'real life' who has this illness. Yes, I do live in the USA, way down south in Louisiana.

    As for your English humor, I never miss the program; 'Keeping up Appearances', that show is hysterical. I just love 'Mrs. Bucket (Bouquet)'. That is the only show that will make me forget my pain.

    So glad you have joined us, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. nickname

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    ......welcome to the board. There are quite a few people here from the UK, I'm down in the south east. Don't know Liverpool, but have a friend who lives in Garston, and another friend who has just bought a flat in a new development in the docks area - not built until the end of this year though. Also, all my nieces who live over in Austrailia who come over to Europe to do their Gap year, have Liverpool on their itineraries c/o their mums and dads memories of the 60's and The Beatles!!

    I have m.e. and my sister has fibro. I also have lots of friends with both diseases. One friend is on the Guaifenesin protocol as per Dr St Amand, and has reaped enormous help in this way. He gets his Guai mail order from a pharmacy in Covent Garden in London, and sees a body mapper in Cambridge. Look up the body mappers site to see if there is one local to u. There is masses of info on this board about fibro and also the Guai protocol, plus Dr St Amand has his own web site, but two other good sites are: all the w's dot guaidoc dot and the usual com dot. All the w's comeguaiwithme dot and the com. We are'nt allowed to post the urls here.

    So, good luck with your research - there is much to do to self help.

    Best wishes
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  9. klarry

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    Welcome to the wonderful world of fibromyalgia! I've had the disorder for twenty years, and only recently have I discovered this site. It is amazing what you can learn from fellow sufferers.
    Being in my 50s I sometimes feel like the dinosaur of the group, but I am constantly reminded of other people who suffer and are in my age bracket. Sadly many older people have not been properly diagnosed in the past. I was lucky. I live in the Washington,DC area, and was fortunate to go to a orthopedist who diagnosed me early, and sent me to a rheumie. It was good news to finally have a name for my pain.
    The hard part is convincing other people that you are ill. We all look normal, and are often mistaken for malingerers. It used to bother me, but now I don't care.
    I love my English shows on PBS. Your country has greatly contributed to my pleasure through literature,etc.
  10. tansy

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    Welcome to the board. There's quite a few of us from the UK.

    I love that this board had contributotrs from different parts of the world.

    You'll get a wealth of information here, some will be relevant to you, some wont, but it's all very useful to know. I've learnt more from this board in a few months than I ever had access to in the UK for 22 years. I have mostly CFS.


  11. RENA0909

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    Hi all.
    Glad to meet everybody here.Yes shirl i love Mrs Bucket too lol.English humour can be quite quirky and we do have some old classics on tv that make me cry with laughing!!
    i think laughter is the best medicine definetly so i try to have a laugh most of the time but doesnt always work tho lol.More for the benifit of others.
    take care
  12. bratqb

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    Just wanted to welcome you too Rena. I am also a fellow brit, im in birmingham in the west midlands and have fibro.

    Hope you have fun and make lots of new friends as i have... The people here really are wonderful...

  13. Shirl

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    To change your user name you need to click on the botton of this page where it says; 'TechSupport', the WebMasters will help you with that one.

    As for our Mrs. Bucket (Bouquet), I simply love to get those people who love to brag about what they have, so whenever I run into one of them and they are bragging about their home etc., I always say; 'Oh, do you have room for a pony too?' lol, you would not believe the expressions on their faces!

    Shalom, Shirl