New Google Group for Young Adult Patients with Neuro Immune Disease (ME CFS

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    is a group that primarily aims to provide a social, medical, and professional network for young-adult and adolescent neuro-immune disease (ME/CFS, Chronic Lyme Disease, Atypical MS, Fibromyalgia) patients under the age of 40.

    I understand that many may not agree with this particular adjoining of illnesses. Let me say that I personally think there is a lot of overlap between ME/CFS, Chronic Lyme Disease, Fibro etc, even though there are distinct differences and even different subsets between them. However this group first and foremost is about providing a easily-found support group for younger patients with all of these chronic illnesses. I started this site because in the 5 years I've been sick, I've never been able to find patients my age by trying but always stumbled upon them by chance. I feel as if I've grown up a lot faster than necessary on these forums, which has its benefits surely, but also is a learning curve I hope other patients that get sick at the age of 22 don't have to go through as dramatically.

    I hope you all don't feel as if I'm stepping on any toes here. I used to be a frequent poster on this site and met many wonderful patients here. What I'm just trying to do is offer specialized support for younger patients. Every demographic of this illness needs its own support system, and this is an attempt to make the social isolation of this illness a little easier on this particular demographic which includes many patients whom are fresh out of the most socially-embedded times of their lives.

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    I don't have Fibro or the other ailments you list, but you may be on to something. On the Health board here, people will post about whether they have Fibro or their doctor thinks they have Fibro. Then some wonderful people will respond to post some great info links to Lyme disease sites, asking them to check them out because it could be Lyme. So there may be some similar symptoms involved. By bringing all of these ailments together in one place, people will get info about Lyme and all the other ailments in one place, get educated, and hopefully if they think they have Fibro, will take a look at the Lyme sites too. Good luck with this.