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    Well we have another grandson to add to our flock.

    6lbs. 14oz. 19 1/2 inches long dark brown hair perfect HEALTHY

    It didn't start off good. They put my dgt-in-law in the hospital on Tuesday night and started with the gel to thin the cervics and by morning that did not work so they started the IV drip and then her water broke but there was feces in it which is a warning sign to watch but they still did not feel we were in danger but then the fluid was very low and anytime they tried to turn the drip up the babies heart beat went nuts and he was not moving down into the birth canal so she finally had to have a C-Section. What they found was amazing, the cord was wrapped twice around the neck and then had a perfectly tied knot also. My son video taped it all so we are going to get to see this cord and knot.

    After all of this he came out healthy and beautiful. He started breast feeding immidately and his dark little eyes are darting every where. When they gave him his first shots is when we learned that his lungs are in good working order.

    My son called a few minuets ago and it looks like Momma is not doing to well now. She is vomitting every 30 mins. He said they had just given her something in her IV to help that. I just hope they both get some rest tonight because they both looked worn out when we left the hospital.

    So that is my good news which after what we have been through the last couple of weeks with my sister-in-law dying and Hubby going into the hospital with chest pains, this is a well deserved event for us.

    Will keep you all posted but I had to share this with my FMS Family.

    Happy Grandma6
  2. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    Welcome to the new baby!! Here's hoping that the new mommy gets a good nights sleep & feels much better in the morning. Babies are such a precious gift!!!
  3. JLH

    JLH New Member

    CONGRATULATIONS, on the birth of your new grandson!

    Hope AIDEN BRODY continues to do well, and that his Momma gets to feeling better. Hopefully the vomiting was due to the anesthesia and it will wear off soon. She still will be pretty sore after having major surgery, though! I've been there, done that! LOL

    Your family needs some smiles, and I'm sure they will get them when you all hold little Aiden!


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