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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kellyann, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. kellyann

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    My grandbaby was born this morning at 6:11 a.m. She is a whooper.....weighs 9lbs-12oz! My daughter is doing fine, she did so good giving birth, I was so proud of her. This was her third child. Everything went very well, except the baby got stuck about halfway out for a little bit. This caused the baby to get some congestion in her lungs, but she is fine. My daughter is a small woman, but she has huge babies. It must come from her father's side of the family. They are very large, tall people. The females on that side of the family are all six feet tall. Our side of the family are all tiny, small boned, short people. That is the only reason I can figure for the huge babies she has. She does not have diabetes. The baby is gogeous anyway! So chubby, fat rings around her legs! The little hat they put on her head would not stay on, kept riding up because her head is so large! She won't be able to wear newborn diapers for long, haha! If at all. My daughterr is supposed to get her tubes tied this time and I pray she does. Three kids are plenty, and she was awfully sick the whole time she was pregnant. The baby's name is Emily.

    I just love grand babies! Now I have four, all girls.

    Well, I am beat, it has een such an exciting day today!
    Take Care!
    Be Well!
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    What a blessing and I'm glad your daughter is doing well too.


    Nancy B
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    9lbs. 12oz. WOW!!!! What a big baby. You'll have to post a picture of her for us to see. I know that you are very excited and exhausted.


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    New babies are so exciting- and I love the name she has....Emily. I think of the pretty song by the same name. It's an old song, but very beautiful. I'm sure she's a beautiful baby, too! Enjoy..........
  5. paulmack

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    On your new granddaughter Emily.Bet you are so chuffed.
    Glad to hear all are doing well,Paul.
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  6. kellyann

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    Thank you! Thank you!
    The baby and mommy are doing great and are expected to go home this afternoon!

    I am tired, so I'll probably just wait and go visit this weekend.

    Thanks so for all the kind relies! You guys and gals are terrific!

    Take care and be well!
  7. JLH

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    Wow!! A big girl!!

    Congratulations on becoming a grandmother! I'm glad to hear that Mom and Emily are doing fine. Emily is such a pretty name.

    Even though your daughter does not have diabetes now, please tell her to begin getting tested when she becomes around 45!

    My side and my husband's sides of our families were big, tall people. All of my husband's brothers are 6'3"+ so we, too, thought that's why my babies were so big. I just thought they were big because I always craved ice cream!! LOL

    Anyway, the doctor who delivered my first baby told me that having a baby over 9 lbs. is an early warning sign for MOST (NOT ALL) mothers that they will be a diabetic before they turn age 50.

    He was correct in my case. I was diagnosed with diabetes at age 49. Never had a bit of problems before then!

    If you are wondering how big my babies were, the first was 10 lb. 5 oz, the second was 10 lb. 9 oz., and the third and last one, a boy, was two weeks early and he was 11 lb. 8 oz. All of them were 24" long. The second girl was 2 days early. The first two were vaginal births and the last was a C-section.

    I'm 56 now, so that was a long, long time ago!

    I don't mean to be a downer on your festive occasion, I just think your daughter needs to know this info so she can watch her future health!

    Love and hugs,

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