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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by DavidTeer, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. DavidTeer

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    Hello, My name is Dave and I have been
    reading your boards and like what you write. My wife Gee has fibro and I learn a lot from you guys. We are in the apeals stage for ssi and beleive me it has been rough. any insight you may have on meds, treatment or good doctors that specializes in fibro in the Tampa Bay area of Florida will be greatly appreciated.
    Also the humor on the board gives us a good laugh.
    She so has menieres desease ,hypothyroid, high blood pressure so any input on these will be helpfull also.
    Thanks Dave
  2. pam_d

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    I'm sorry about Gee's diagnosis, but it is a pleasure to see a supportive husband who is truly interested in being a partner in his wife's treatment! I'm glad you read our boards here; my husband was the one who first directed me to this board, and I 'm very thankful; I've gotten a wealth of great information on FM here, and learned what everyone does to improve their quality of life; we all have a different path we take, so it's great to read which drugs, supplements, exercise, diet, etc. seem to work the best for each of us.

    I don't have much insight to offer on the hypothyroid & high blood pressure, but there will be others here to advise you-----also many who can tell you their experiences with the SSI process (hang in there! It requires an extreme amount of patience, but most folks here seem to eventually meet with success).

    I'm glad you and Gee are here; you will find a lot of caring individuals who truly understand what it's like to live with this illness. And again, it's great to meet a supportive spouse----Gee is very lucky to have you!

  3. Debbi

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    wonderful to hear from a support ((((Gee))) for me - I can't help with the ssi, meds or docs in Tampa - apparently thyroid and bp should be low - can't say for sure but keep on looking - keep on talking
  4. pearls

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    Welcome. I'm so sorry your wife has our illness, but as you've apparently already noticed, this is a great board. You'll learn a lot here. Also, download and use the articles from the archives of this website. They have been great for me.

    Another thing, I just bought two fine books today by Dr. Devin J. Starlanyl. She has had fibromyalgia for years herself, and has done extensive work on the subject. Put her name into a good search engine and find her website. She has a lot of articles that you can download. They are very useful, especially the ones called, "What Your..." [put your medical specialist here]"...Should Know About FMS and CMP." By the way, FMS=fibromyalgia syndrome and CMP=chronic myofascial pain syndrome. Anyway, she has information for all kinds of medical specialists including even your family care practicioner and those that help who don't have an M.D., like your physical therapist, etc.

    These are just some things that come to mind. Keep tuned. There'll be more!


  5. camelgirl

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    Hi Dave. I have been reading posts for awhile, but this is my first reply. I was soooo happy to see someone from Tampa. I also work with a man who's wife has fibro. I have yet to be diagnosed, but am sure of what is wrong with me. I am also in search of a doc who will validate and treat me this illness. Glad to meet you and tell your wife she is in my prayers. Yours Truly, D
  6. EllenComstock

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    After all the posts I read here about unsupportive spouses, it's great to get one from one who is. I have a supportive spouse like you, and believe me, it definitely makes coping with fibro much easier.

    I'm glad you found us. Please encourage your wife to visit this site. I think she will find it to be as supportive and helpful as I have.

  7. Mikie

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    I'm just down the coast in Fort Myers. If y'all don't mind the drive, we have a very knowledgeable doc here named Kenneth Galang. I'm waiting to hear from his office. If a patient has already been to a pain clinic or a neurologist, he insists on reading the chart to see whether he has anything more to offer the patient.

    I'm sure there must also be some good docs in the Tampa Bay area. BTW, how 'bout those Buc!

    Welcome to our board.

    Love, Mikie