New here 30 years old and feel worst then if i was 110

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    My sister who is a nurse said I should join a support group
    for my F.M.S. It probably will help talking to others who are as fustrated as I am. So HELLO, I'm Ember, I'm 30 and and have whatch my F.M.S. get worse over 8 years. Dianosted about 4-5 years ago.
    I have 3 children. but only one living with me.The others live with Daddy a few streets away..because of F.M.S. pain and such I gave him custody.
    For years I listen to.."why are you always saying you have all these aches and pains" "Why does everything bother you"Why are you so tired all the time" "it's all in your head" I'm sure you all have heard these to.

    What gets me is the doctors!! Any of em. you tell them how you feel..and they test & test & test And then shrug there shoulders. Finally a Doctor added up all my dr visits over the years..for all sort of things (now I know they all were F.M.S. realated) and tested more, X-rayed everything.And said "you have Fibromyalgia. Go to OP therapy for 6 weeks, take these pills." I thought "Oh ok, so I do Therapy, take this medicine, then I'll be healthy again" WRONG!!!

    No-body told me what Fibromyaglia was. It wasn't till recently when with friends I was talking about the pain,being tired etc..when my one friend piped up and said "sounds like you have Fibromyaglia?" I replied I use to..that goes away right. Well obviously mine has not because I feel worse then ever!
    For about 2 months straight now..I've been in pain daily.
    I had a break yesterday I felt ok.Just a few ankle/knee/back/neck stuff.Not bad pain..just noticeable.

    I believe I've figured out the Depression part. NO-ONE understands. That Depresses the heck out of me.
    Family doesn't get it.(I'm from a long line of "Buck up And take it") Heck my mother is 67 and MOVES refrigerators BY HERSELF!! I can't even pour milk from a Full gallon jug. She wakes up at 5 a.m. ready to go, I sleep till 8 a.m. and I'm so stiff I can barely move for about 1 to 2 hours after I'm up.
    Doctors don't get it..or only know what the taught the last time they went to a conferance. I know more then MY doctor does about F.M.S.

    Friends don't get it. They can phsyicaly act their age. I'm 30 and feel like 110.

    My boyfriend tries to understand.He has bad back and leg pain due to a car accident.But he doesn't understand the good days bad days thing.

    I have had SOOO many Doctors give me Anti-inflamatorys after I've told them...They don't ease the pain..they don't seem to help at all.

    I was in the ER the other day because the pain was so bad.
    The nurse would not accept my answer to "where does it hurt" I told her the truth "From head to toe,Everywhere,even my skin." She gave me a look of disbeliefe like I was some punk kid junkie tryin to get drugs. And said "no Ms. that is not a valid answer."

    Then I told her I have F.M.S. she asked why I'm not on pain management? I told her the truth "I hate pills, usally in the pass I have been able to control my F.M.S.
    with Hot epsomsalt baths,massages,meditation,and tylenol.,
    but none of that has worked lately"
    I don't think she believed me still.
    But to top it off..they took everyone before me..people who were laughting and eating in the waiting room..while I sat there freezing and cring because of the pain. The freezeing waiting room was one thing but then here came the cleaning guy..he cleaned with this lemon amonia that just killed headache went threw the roof,my thoat started burning,my eyes were burning.When I went up to the desk and said "I have F.M.S. the chemicals are really bothering me,can I please wait somewhere eles?" I got a straigt forward NO. I was there waiting for 6 hours,then the doctor said he knew what I am going threw F.M.S. is a horriabley fustrating condition.then he proceeded with but I can only give you 5 5mg vicodins by law.Please get on pain management.

    So now I spend my days filled with pain..tracing Medical records finding a doctor that takes my insurance who knows what F.M.S. is and is willing to have a paticne with it.
    So FuStAtInG!!!
  2. mrpain

    mrpain New Member

    You hit the nail on the head. I'm with you on everything you said and completely understand where your coming from.
    That has also been my experience and it is definitely total frustration.. If I wasn't so brain-dead right now I would elaborate a little more, but I'm sure you can understand!

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