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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Pheline, Sep 6, 2005.

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    I've had fibromyalgia for a long time- years, I guess, but was diagnosed a couple/few years ago. I feel pretty good most of the time- I do Nia (, take some Auyervedics, Celebrex, Lexapro. But, I have miserable flare-ups and feel awful, exhausted, like my neck can't hold up my head, like I NEED to sleep- this time I have had constipation, of all things. odd, considering that I've usually had more overactive bowels than underactive.

    clearly I need to move on from the severe pain and get back to my normal level- and I wonder what others do to move on past the flare-ups? I feel so foggy that I can't recall what has done it in the past- acupuncture? More Nia? sleep? a margharita? :p
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    ok, I'll give that a try tonight. I spent a good while in the sauna yesterday- the pool at the rec center has a tube that dumps water down at high volume and can massage (beat on) specific points and relieve a lot of pain. I took my time with 3 bouts of massage time, then reheating- and felt a lot better. still needed to lie down for about an hour though.

    I wonder why really HARD massage and pressure feels so good?

    should the epsom salts/H2O2 regimen help only flareups or does it help regularly? is there a limit to how often it can be done?
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    Take it from me: do not take the margarita. I know you were kidding and wouldn't do it, but I had to laugh after my recent bout with self medicating.

    When I have a flare I rest. My body seems to rejuvenate.
    My doctor once told me that rest is important for the body to take a break from the stress we put on it.

    It sounds like you are doing the right things. I hope the flare lifts real soon.
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    Welcome, Pheline, to our board and support group! We are always glad to see newcomers.

    I am 54 with 3 adult children, worked for 30 years, had to take early retirement due to poor health, I have many other serious conditions in addition to fibro/cfs.

    A year after I retired, I filed for SSDI and won on my first application, without the help of an attorney.

    You will find a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people here.

    I have learned so much from this board and I am so grateful that I have found it.

    Hope to "talk" with you often!!