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    I thought I had my Type 2 D under control. But now it's back with numbers I don't enjoy seeing. But they have been better the past couple weeks. I have been watching my diet and have been exercising. I am afraid my Dr will put me back on my meds which I hate because it causes an upset stomach. My stomach is so sensitive. I don't like staying in the bathroom!!! Anyway my question is, can i take an insulin shot to lower my BS instead of taking meds?? I am planning on askiong my Dr. this. Any suggestions or answers will be appreciated. Seems like my waking morning BS reading has been around 158-178 of the mornings. In the 200's in the day but sometimes it may be around 160 during the day but it is tough to get that number.
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    Welcome to the board. I have only been a diabetes patient for a short time. You
    probably know more about the subject than I.

    Can't imagine trying to control the DD (darned disease) w/o meds, Have you tried
    more than one?

    We have a diabetes board here. (See upper right hand corner.) Did you also post

    Good luck
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    You can control your diabetes, through diet and exercise. Yes, it's hard work, and you must be vigilant, but it can be done. Cut out the white in your diet. Sugar, flour, pasta, bread, and replace it, in LIMITED quantities with brown. With the exception of the sugar, cut that out completely. Eat fruits and veggies, have lean cuts of meat, in smaller portions, and bulk up on veggies. Be careful, because there are veggies that do have more of a sugar content than others. If you eat them raw, or just slightly cook, even better, as it won't spike your sugar level.

    I am glad that you are exercising, as this will really help...

    I thought I would give you this link, because it might be helpful...
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