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    Hello all...I came across this site while searching some of my symptoms. This is going to be a rather long post so please bare with me.

    Since I was a child I have had pain. Everything from severe migraines to shoulder pain and then I was diagnosed with TMJS as well. Growing up I told my family about my pain and there was always a response of me not being OLD enough to have pain and I was told that I was exaggerating about what I was feeling. Although, I never was lying about it, ever, I was in pain. I started taking ibuprofen when I was old enough to open the bottle myself and get what I needed, now this medication does nothing for me. As I have grown up I have had weight problems even though I was fairly active in middle school I never lost weight. I still had pain and headaches and I also began having issues with depression and anxiety in my teenage years. No matter who I told or what I said, no one believed my pain and I never went to the doctor for it. I just learned to live with the pain and assumed that is how it was suppose to be. I am 25 now and a full time therapeutic massage student. It is hard work and I need my body to do my job and I need to not be in pain. Lately, within the past 4-5 years I have gained new symptoms that was always only related to my weight by my family doctor. I can never get up in the morning because I feel exhausted, its a struggle, and then I and sore and tensed. I have some really odd hot flashes to where I cant even be touched because of my sensitivity to heat. Also I cannot go outside without sunglasses because the light gives me headaches. I have pain that shoots all in my neck, both sides, I have severe pain in my lower back and right hip, and throughout my experience getting massage I have found more places in my body that are just painful. I have also been getting numbness in my extremities.

    I have not had a steady job because of my issues, especially my depression and anxiety. I would always feel tired and would oversleep or call out of work, I was so exhausted and it would make me cry because I do not know why. It was always 'you are overweight'. Although my weight is not where it should be, I do not believe my pain is a result of that, I believe its the opposite. I think I have been in such pain my entire life that I have no had the ability to lose it. I eat healthy, when I can without getting nauseous afterwards and I have tried diet and exercise. So. Much. Pain.

    My reason for explaining all of this is I am hoping to get more insight from sufferers of FM. Can you relate? I have never been diagnosed and have not been to a doctor in many years because I have no money or insurance, so I just live with it, painfully every day not knowing.... I need help. I feel like my body has given up on me. I want to work, I do not want to be labeled as disabled because of my pain nor do I want to be on medication because my father is addicted to pain meds for all his ailments. I do however want to be able to get some kind of treatment and maybe some temporary disability to help me afford going to doctors and getting some kind of control over my body again. I just feel like if I go in somewhere and say I think I have FM that it will be another 'you need to lose weight' things and I don't know how much of that I can handle.

    Advice anyone? Thank you for your time!
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    Thank both of you for your responses! I am happy to have some support in this matter!!! I really hope I can figure out a way to get some much needed help and will be using this site for support and advice! Thank you for caring and understanding it means very much to me!