New here and think I might have fibromyalgia

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sandi149, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I'm new here, just signed up this morning. I think I might have fibromyalgia but I'm not totally sure. My body always hurts me....muscle and bone pain. The pain in the muscles feels the same like when a person would a charlie horse I guess. The pain seems to be all over my body but is the worst below my waist, hips, back, legs and feet. I told my doctor all this and he said it's arthritis. Can a person have arthritis all over their body?? He told me to take 2 Aleves which I did but it doesn't help me. The only thing that helps is taking a Vicodin which I don't do on a regular basis, only when it's bad. So basically I'm just trying to "live" with this pain. I am able to do things but when I do anything that involves bending it hurts even more. I am also tired all the time. Not so much sleepy tired but like "body tired". Ohhh and I also have a lot of stiffness. The mornings seem to be the worst when I get out of bed.

    My husband thinks I am just complaining so I don't even bother to tell him how I feel anymore. My mother is very understanding though because she has arthritis, but of course there is nothing that she can really do for me except to listen.

    So from what I describe does it sound like I have fibromyalgia or something else?

    Any advice is appreciated.

  2. msbsgblue

    msbsgblue Member

    First of all welcome! This is a good place to be and we have an arthitis section too.

    If you are having muscle pain then it sounds like FM to me, or you may have both, I do.

    Have you had your trigger points checked. If you are not sure what they are look them up on Google.

    Arthritis seems to be more in the joint itself in my case. My joints get really sore and painful.

    I sure hate to see one more person get this illness. I have had it 20 plus years, my hubby has it too.

    Hope you get more replys.

  3. cookie1960

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    My advice is to see a Rheumotologist who is familiar with and treats patients with Fibromyalgia. What you describe could be FM - but here are some other symptoms:

    ~Pain on BOTH sides of the body
    ~Pain on upper and lower part of body
    ~Poor sleep patterns
    ~A flu like feeling that won't go away
    ~Brain Fog - hard to describe - inability to concentrate
    ~Dizziness or vertigo

    Before they commit to an FM diagnosis - expect a battery of tests to rule out other conditions. FM is a disease of exclusion - there is no one test. If all other tests come back clean, and you have 11 out of 18 tender/sore points on your body - they should make the FM diagnosis.

    Good luck - it can be a time consuming experience. Try not to stress out - as stress can trigger flare ups of pain. Pace yourself, try to get regular sleep, and use whatever OTC meds you can for pain. Heat works for me, but some prefer cold/ice.

  4. Janalynn

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    Hi there and welcome!
    Find a doctor who won't write you off as having "just arthritis". Arthritis should be relatively easy to detect.
    FM doesn't have inflammation like arthritis does. As mentioned it is also in the joints. If your pain is elsewhere, it doesn't sound like arthritis to me. Of course, I'm not a doctor.

    If Aleve or another anti-inflammatory doesn't work - that's another indication.
    Your 'tender points" (not trigger points) should be checked - even though that's not a definitive.

    I'd maybe visit my doc again and tell him that what you're doing isn't helping. Describe not only your pain, but what it keeps you from doing. - how it affects your ability to function. I would ask for further testing. If in your gut you don't think it's arthritis, don't sit on your hands. Hopefully your doctor will be responsive. IF not, you may need to seek another opinion.

    As you've probably heard, many people go through years and doctors before getting a diagnosis. Speed up the process. =)
    Do you have any other symptoms? any bowel problems? headaches?
    I hope you get the help you need. I really do.
    No one should have to live in pain.
  5. Sandi149

    Sandi149 New Member

    Thank you for the replies.

    Yes, I have pain on both sides of the body, both legs and feet hurt me, both hips.

    I sleep ok...getting about 7 hours a night but never feel refreshed when I wake up. Actually that time of the day is the worst for me.

    I have fatigue all throughout the day. But like I said in my first post, not a sleepy feeling just like my whole body is really tired.

    I don't feel like I have the flu. I can still function and do things, I just do it with a lot of pain.

    Brain fog....sometimes but I can pretty much concentrate ok.

    Dizziness sometimes too.

    Not depressed but I do get anxiety at times but I have always been a nervous person.

    So I have to go through a whole battery of tests? That's the part I wanted to try and avoid, going from doctor to doctor.

    Can you tell me about these trigger points? I have read about it, but when the doctor checks them would I experience excrutiating pain? Is that how they know it's FM? I am not at the point where I can't get out of bed, (hopefully it will never get that bad). When a doctor tests those trigger points on a person who has mild FM, what would that feel like?

    I do wish my husband would be more understanding. Unfortunately he is the type of person if he can't see any real symptoms, he doesn't believe it. :(
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  6. Sandi149

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    I get headaches once in a while, but nothing out of the ordinary. Once in a while I do suffer from sinus headaches. No bowel problems either.
  7. lvjesus

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    I know lots of people here have had to go through doc after doc and test after test, but I will tell you what my experience was so you will know that other scenarios are possible.

    I had been to my PCP a few times with various complaints, all fibro related, but the dots were not connected at the time, and then a trip to the ER prompted the doc to mention fibro, which I had never heard of, which prompted me to look it up, see how many symptoms I had, go back to the doc and ask him what were the chance that I had FM.

    He asked me if I knew what it was, I told him, he said he wanted to run ONE test to rule out MS and if that was negative it "probably was what it was". MS was a no, I got a script for Elavil.

    Now, having said that, I did do a lot of research on my own, mostly here for suggestion on fixes for my most troubling symptoms and went to the doc to ask for specific things, like Klonopin and pain meds, which I got, but most importantly I got a diagnosis almost right away after starting to investigate, which was soon after the fatigue and pain started showing up and I knew something was not right.

    So you CAN get a dx and get help without years of begging and searching, just depends on the doc. Also, FM is becoming more and more known and accepted. I hear about it quite frequently now. So I have had really no trouble with dx or meds. You can too.

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