new here and very confused and scared

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  1. fallingapart

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    Hello to everyone here!
    I am newley DX for FM and Hypothyroidism and premenopause...among other things!!This FM is kicking my butt!! Will it get worse? I dont know how much I can tolerate for I am a big BABY!!I am only 33 years old and I feel like I am falling apart!! I only work 5 days a month and I love/hate it! Dont know how much more I can take! I hope it gets better...especially the tiredness.
    I have been reading the message board now since I was DX...doc recommened this site...I am glad he did because it has been very helpful.....scarey too to see so many people here a mirror image of me!!
    You all dont know it, but you have been a great help to me allready!! God Bless you all!! :)
  2. layinglow

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    Welcome to the board...sounds like you have found a good Dr., and believe me, this is really an accomplishment!
    Finding an advocate, who recognizes your disorder, and is willing to begin treatment, makes all the difference in the world. I know you are scared and confused...these disorders lend themselves to that. With ever changing symptoms, and the tendency for these disorders to wax and wane, they continue to distress and confuse even the most seasoned patients. It's the nature of the beast.

    You now have the enemy named though, and that is another blessing. It is hard to fight and unknown adversary. Arm yourself with wisdom, and we are all here to help you fight the good fight.

    Hope to hear much more from you. Don't be afraid to ask questions concerning symptoms, and what others have found in the way of treatment to help. The wonderful thing about this board, is its diversity. Our symptoms and reactions to treatments differ so much, that one blanket treatment doesn't work for all. Best wishes in your Quest.
  3. IngyW68

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    Hi there,

    I am new to the boards as well but not new to Fibro. I was diagnosed in '95 but also found out in the past few years that I have Degenerative Disc Disease and have had one surger in 10/01 to remove two ruptured discs in my neck and now I might have two more above and below the surgery site. I have an MRI next week to see.

    Anyway, I am 34 and just had to decide on Tuesday to quit my 60 a week full time job. I just can't do it for the exhaustion and pain! But, like others will tell you your symptoms will wax and wane and you have to find a "comfort" zone to live in. It takes quite a while to know what your limits are and how to "save" your energy for things that you REALLY want to do and enjoy. I think of it as my energy bank account and if I decide to do something really exhausting but fun or work for the day, I know that I will have to do nothing the next day.

    The Fibro is a little different for each of us and we all respond differently to certain treatments so my suggestion is keep trying until you find the best doc and treatments that help you magage to have a good life. Personally, I am so thankful for my family,church and Emmaus friends that they will help me through even though they may not understand the disease. Take care and keep coming back to the boards for support, comfort, or just to vent:0


  4. RedB

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    Welcome to the board. It's a great place, isn't it?

    If your doctor is aware of this site, he's probably also aware that Vitamin B 12 can help FM patients with energy. Perhaps he will agree to give you shots, or you can try the sublingual (dissolve under the tongue) pills that have helped me tremendously. I get mine from Trivita, and they cost much less than shots. You can do a web search for them. There are other companies that carry this, but I don't know of them.

  5. tandy

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    Hi fallingapart!!!LOVE that name.....gee! however did you come up with that!!??LOL I've had FM for 10 yrs,thats about when I was DX-However I felt pains before that~ My flares over the years have gotten worse-But I'm not an avid exersizer either.They say"move it or lose it"....So I guess I've lost it! I just started to add MILD exersize this week!!Its a challenge to say the least!
    But I'm determined to try it and see if it improves in time~ glad you've joined in!I hope to be of help in the future!
    warm regards,
  6. praisingHim

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    Hey. Check out my post about what my integrative doctor put me on as far as my thyroid goes. The thread is something like "what the integrative doctor suggested". I just started the new meds today, so I am not sure how it will work, but we will see. I also just posted a new thread in response to a question from Paul.....It talkes about an energy drink my doc put me on. Will try it tomorrow, but may take a few weeks to notice a difference. I am also new to this site.
  7. starstella

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    is a great source for mental support and information about treatment options and hints for relief of symptoms.

    Try to keep a positive attitude and keep pushing for the medical support you need to keep yourself as active as possible. You have to be your own advocate.

    I've had many days when I've been weepy and feel like wallowing in misery but do whatever I can to pull myself up and try again. This site helps.
  8. fallingapart

    fallingapart New Member

    Thank-You soo much for the welcome :)I am really getting addicted to this site!! It helps me alot...:)
  9. Shirl

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    To our world, as you can see the support around here is just wonderful! Glad you have a good doctor.

    Wow, menopause at 33? what a bummer! You are not a 'big baby', just get those thoughts out of your mind.

    You are going to be a tough young lady and give these illnesses a run for their money! Thats what we all do around here, we are fighters, and refuse to give in or give up!

    Just stopped to welcome you, but let me say that you are headed in the right direction, we have some really smart people here, and we will all help you get these illnesses under control.

    Take care, and again welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl

  10. fibrofogqueen01

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    Hi fallingapart I am 23 with three children and have been dx with fibro,Ra and premature menopause.Isnt life grand!I dont work out of the home but the three kids are work enough.I am currently in the process of moving and I just dont know if I can move one more muscle.Glad you found a doc that is helpful.I went through so many docs and med bills and test that I had to end up filing bankruptcy we just couldnt pay all the bills.Most people have credit card debt and etc. that have to file not me it was this DD.Well I hope you find out alot of info so you arent so scared and know that you are not alone.I have gotten some really great advice on here and I am sure you will also.