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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Aeronsmom, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Hi All my name is Ann and I'm a mother of 4 boys ages 19,15,13,5. I am looking for sites that are going thru what I am going thru...and so here I am. this sound like a wonderful place with alot of caring people. this is my Illnesses. I am fighting to get onto disability and has now been 8 months since they received my application, I got fed up of waiting so I went to my MPP's office and they called the disability from there and told them they have 1 week to make a decision, I called last Friday to see if they made a decision and they said "Yes" we sent a letter out to you with that decision, "I said can you tell me the decision?"
    and she said "No", you have top wait til you get the I went crazy all weekend long wondering...did I get approved or didn't I?? How could they leave me in that kind of suspence...oh yeah it's the government. So now I sit and wait and wait. Are there any canadians waiting or finally go onto disability here??? can you share me your story? Thanks all and I hope I have found a home here.

    Fibromyaligia, dx Oct 2004 but was recently told I have had it for 12 years
    Chronic fatigue Syndrome dx 1995
    Anxiety/Panic attacks dx 1990
    Anemia dx Jan 2005
    Depression..lets just say for a while now.

    Meds: Amitriptyline
    Ferrous Glouconate
    Ibuprofen 600mg
    60mg steroids (2nd round)
  2. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Hi Ann and welcome,

    I a fellow Canadian, Montreal, Quebec.

    I've been living with CFIDS and tag alongs for about 12yrs now. Have had FMS about 8 yrs.

    You've come to a good place here for info and support. I myself have been looking for a fellow Canadian to share friendship outside of the board eventually.

    I'm a single mom of 3 teenagers, 18, 15 & 13. It's been rough, very rough. I have been divorced 6 yrs, husband was abusive.

    I did go through all the meds, but went off and now follow a Nautral Path. I too have Panic Disorder/Anxiety Attacts with Secondary Depression....who wouldn't with what we have to put up with!

    I am house bound some times due to this condition, but I try to function the best I can most times. Though I don't look sick, people often don't understand this condition is mostly invisable!

    I do not work outside of the home, and gave up my career when this DD hit 12 yrs ago! It took me out in the worst ways and I have never recovered. I am better than I was before and due have small periods of remission. The min I push past my comfort level I flare up again.

    I have part disability from Social Assitance plus Child support and alimony to make up the difference. It is a strugle financialy every month to make ends meet. I sell crafts at craft fairs and church flea markets or farmers markets to make a little extra money.

    Please take a look at my profile by clicking on my screen name. You can post a pic and put a profile on as well if you like.

    What part of Canada are you from? Again, Welcome to the message boards....

    Sandy..a fellow Canuk :)
  3. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I am from Fort Erie, Ontario
    I just got my letter from disability and of course they denied me, they said I was not a person with a disability as I don't have a substantial physical or mental impairment that is continuous or recurrent...Really!!!!! where did they get that from??? My Dr wrote a medical letter stating that I cannot work becuase of my Illness. I am sooo frustrated and now I have to look for a lawyer.
  4. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Sorry to hear you were refused! I know it sucks! The only thing I can say is don't give up and try, try again!

    Is disability your only means of support? 8 months is a long time to be without financial means...expecialy you have the children. Do you have help from the father? At least that would take off some of the stress.

    Don't give up hope, everyone here has gone through or is going through rough times as well. All of us can relate, in one way or another.


  5. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    I have $600 amonth from ex and on social assistance and they are giving me a whole wopping $559 and my mortage is $1109 plus bills and food and clothing.. I am not giving up on disability I will do the internal review and they have 10 days to respond to my letter and than after that i have to appeal the decision to the Social Benefits Tribunal.
    I'm am so frustrated with the whole thing...but like I said I am NOT giving up..I can't work and my Dr even stated this.
  6. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    I hear you on the social assistance! I'm in the same boat! I also get the same amount as you! I have 3 teenagers, I know how how much it costs to rais them!! Sometimes I think I'll loose my mind! and you have 4 boys!!!! Oh my Starrs.......more power to ya! Bless your heart! I have 2 boys and a girl and my boys are out to kill me I tell ya...they are a hand full indeed! Not to mention they eat me out of house and home!!

    What's helped me is I am now living in a rent geared to income housing complex. I moved here 3 months ago. I just could not afford to live where I was living and had to give it up! I was paying $685.00 rent per month, nothing included for a 6 1/2 main floor. Now I pay $291.00 per month, everything included for a small 5 1/2! It's in a large complex...not use to that....but what the hell...we have to eat!

    I was on a waiting list for 5 yrs to get in, my social worker helped get me in. Now I don't have to worry about hydro bills and can breath a bit better...not to mention sock away a few bucks....I call it my escape fund! LOL For when the kids are all over 18 and out! I get to go and start over where I want to be....somewhere out in the country by the water...I was interested in a place called, Cobourg, Ontario...ever heard of it?

  7. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Cobourg is about 2.5 hours from here, nice little place too.
    I own my own house so it's difficult to pay any less for my mortage. I know what you mean about the boys eating you out of your home, my boys..I swear they are in and out of that fridge 10 times a day. I was hoping to get approved for disabilty as they owe me almost $20,000 in backpay and I thought I would take some of that and take the kids away to Florida for a well deserved that's down the who knows how long til I get an approval for disability..I'll have to hire a lawyer to help me. Oh well just have to continue with life. talk to you later Sandy.
  8. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Hi Ann,
    I'm from Toronto and and I know there are lots of Canadians on this board. I've been sick for 15 years and have been on disability for 5 years. I guess I was lucky and qualified on the first try.
    My best advice is to get lawyer; that always makes them sit up and take notice!

    This is a great place and you will meet lots of caring and supportive people. There is lots to learn as well. You can search old posts at the top left. There is stuff on CPP there for sure! There is also a library on the site.

    Hope you stick around
  9. razorqueen

    razorqueen Member

    I too am from Canada, in Manitoba. Sorry to hear that you have been denied. You sound like a fighter so I am sure you will find a way to get what you need.
    This is a good site that you have come too.
    Just curious,, I didn't think you could be on social assistance and own your own home?
    Those are pretty high payments you have to make! Hope it comes thru for you soon!
  10. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Hi Ann .. I'm in Kingston .. I'm still "new" here .. but read every day to pick up info .. I battled for 2years for CPP .. but mine was a mixed national application .. I'm Canadian married to military and I worked for the Dutch goverment for 2 out of the required 4 years so it was a long drawn out process ..
    Hang in for as long as you can it might still work out .. do you have a rheumatologist ? they write a report for you to support your family physician .. may be that might be the tie breaker in deciding for your behalf ?
    Good Luck and hang on !
    Fudge : )
  11. Donya58

    Donya58 New Member

    Hi Ann, I'm in Saint John, New Brunswick. Right now it's snowing like crazy. Of course it makes it that much harder for people to get out and vote. Sorry to hear of your CPP denial. Whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP!!! I was one of the lucky ones that was accepted first try but I do know that most do get denied their first try so make sure you apply again. Good luck and keep us posted. Also, welcome to the board. Donya:))
  12. GwenGlo

    GwenGlo New Member

    I live in the KW area and this was my experience.
    In 2000 I was disabled by this affliction and was able to get disability from my employer.
    But that insurance company required me to apply for CPP. To make a long story short, after I sent the application etc (which almost killed me because at that time my brain was really malfunctioning) I learned about a 'Canada Pensions Professional' from Hamilton.
    What he does is take over your case and you give him permission to get all your files from doctors etc. He fills out your application etc and represents you at CPP.
    It was too late for him to be of any help to me (he would have filled out the application properly) so I went through the process and lost the appeals.
    For me, it was ok because my company (disability) pension was tax free and amounted to more than if I had gotten the CPP.
    If CPP is your only option, I would give it a try. He used to work for CPP and knows how to get around their obstacles.

  13. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    Thanks so much for your reply, is it possible to give the information for this man you are talking about?? I am waiting on the application from CPP to come to me, I really appreciate the very much.
  14. SusanEU

    SusanEU New Member

    I live just outside of Oshawa. I was just diagnosed this week with FM, but looking back I can see it has been coming on for years. I am self employed so have no disability insurance, but I have been working from home (bookkeeping, although it is somewhat trying on the foggy days). Being single, I worry about money, but I decided if worse comes to worse, I will sell my house and just rent an apartment. I'm 48 and kids are grown.

    The doctor gave me Effexor and insists it will be the best thing for me. I dont like medication and I am ambivalent about taking it. I do take Lorazapam to help me sleep. Insomnia has plaqued me for years, as well as anxiety attacks. I am afraid to become housebound.

    Anyway that's enough about me, I'm glad there are some other Canucks on the board.


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