New here/anyone been to pain clinic at U.N.C.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Dlee, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. Dlee

    Dlee New Member

    I need feed back on University North Carolina pain clinic? Please help.Thanks Donna
  2. Dlee

    Dlee New Member

    I need feed back on University North Carolina pain clinic? Please help.Thanks Donna
  3. PMangels

    PMangels New Member

    to our world. I am from Nebraska so I can't help you with a pain clinic there but I'm sure someone will be here shortly to help you out. I just popped in here to see some of the posts and wanted to send a warm welcome your way. You have found a good group of people (I'm prejudiced). There are a lot of loving caring people on this board ready and willing to help with questions and what works for them. Also there is the chit chat board. Click on message board at the top of your screen and pick chit chat. That's where people go to "kick up their heels" and have some fun...a way for us to deal with our pain. I'm usually there in the evening for a while as I work all day and when I get home it gives me a chance to look on the lighter side of things. Even though may not reply to some, I get to enjoy someone elses humor...wish I had more. At the end of the day my brain has gone on "standby". I do better in the morning when my mind is fresh...ooooooohhhhhhhhhhummmmmmmm. Anyway glad you came.

  4. flo

    flo New Member

    I will be currious about any replys to your post. I just read the thread on pain clinics and I had the same negative experiences as many others did.It wasnt at UNC though. It was in the mountains of NC. They treated people with a very nasty attitude.I couldnt believe it. It was totally opposite of what I had expected. You would think that people who are treating patients in chronic pain would have compassion,understanding,ect..but these people were flat out rude. Needless to say I only went once.Please do post again if you do go check it out. There are several of us on here from this area. Mabey the one here is okay. that would be great.It would be neat if we NCers could get togather some time. i was thinking of starting a support group at our church...when life settles down some.
    Blessings ~Flo
  5. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ...there is a neurologist in sanford that a member uses for pain control....she is really happy with him...if you need his name, let me know...and, welcome to the board...kristine, also in nc...
  6. kristine

    kristine New Member

    ...let me know how it goes with the rheumy at unc...i may need to go to unc in the near future...thanks... kristine
  7. nathan

    nathan New Member

    I would really like feedback on UNC. I have had terrible luck at UNC from chronic pain and flare-ups sending me to ER for pain, and they took one look at me w/ (long hair and beard and fairly young) and gave me a illegal drug test and drug test

    eft me on a table for 4 hrs, thenI would also like the name of the Sanford Neurologist too. My DR. is not that familiar with Fibro, although he does treat my pain w/ meds. He is trying to help, but I'm afraid he's got too much on his plate. I really need some better pain management. Good to see other locals working it out for all to be better off. This is great motivator for me to be in touch with you all who know how rough this fibro wrecks havoc on us. God Bless Ya'll! -nathan "the fibrokid"
  8. TracyV

    TracyV New Member

    I see the neuro in the Sanford. He specialises in Pain control also, and sees several FM paitions. He is with Duke Health Care, so he has a big hosipital behind him and he is very compastionate(spelling) he is never rude about the pain control. IF you want his name I will be happy to give it to you.
  9. Dlee

    Dlee New Member

    I tryed to email you but it came back, had a ? for you but I can,t remember what i't is now .The fog is coming in.Sounds like you did't fair to good at U.N.C. Donna
  10. Dlee

    Dlee New Member

    TracyV could you let me know the name of the neuro in Sanford? Duke was who dx me with FMS.I'm doing a lot of research into all this DD and my biggest problem is I dont have any ins. to help me with the cost. Thank-You Donna
  11. kadywill

    kadywill New Member

    Hi! I'm from NC as well. I moved to the mountains in 1966 and I live in the foothills now. My MD is here in Elkin, but my Rheumatologist is in Winston-Salem and he is the BEST. I'm seeing a liver specialist in Winston, too. I was diagnosed (vaguely) at Duke in 1986. We North Carolinians need to have a post of our own!
  12. Dlee

    Dlee New Member

    Hi Kady,
    Thanks for the post,maybe us from N.C.could get together and have a "PARTY"give out prizes for who fells the worse,hurts the must etc......I'm sorry I was venting some there.I would like to met some people and talk. Sometimes I fell all alone here and I have a sister that has RA&FMS but she lives about 3 hours from me .Take care and you are in my prayers
  13. TracyV

    TracyV New Member

    I will send his name by email. I don't know the policy for posting doctors names. My email is try to email me as soon as posible so I can remove my email from the post. Duke is a wonderful hospital, they save my best friends daughter at birth, and when my daughter had surgery for her ears they were wonderful.
  14. lindasue

    lindasue New Member

    Hi all you "Tarheels"...I'm in California now but was born and raised in Winston-Salem...I miss home and if I were still there....I'd have the party!!! Don't know anything about the pain clinic.....but good luck and God's Blesings.
    I'm so grateful I found this website this morning. I feel "at home".
    Linda Sue
  15. dorothy

    dorothy New Member

    Havn't gone to the pain clinic, but would love to here results. and the party sounds great.... but I think most of you are on the west side, and I'm east of Raleigh.

    well, hope all goes well