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    Hi, I have CFS/FM, DDD of the cervical and lumbar spine, torn discs in lower back, hernated discs also. Depression, anxiety, the whole 9 yards. I have been out of work since May 2004. Had my SSD hearing and the judge found me Totally disabled as Jan 2005, because 1 doctor (orthopedic), said I could do work. The nerologist and Family doctor said NO WAY! Finally I stopped seeing Ortho, because he acted like it was just in my head, and so in Jan. I only saw Family and Neurologist/pain management. I'm glad it's all over, but I still hurt, always will.

    I have a question though. Has anyone had experience with Long Term Disability Insurance from an employer? I have NO health insurance so my DR bills are HIGH. I know you are suppose to pay back extra money that was given, but when I get my settlement, I have to pay the doctor's. What happens if you can't pay them all that was over-payment, so they claim.
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    I have it and had to pay back what I got from SSD.I also had bills to pay.

    I made arrangements with The Hartford to take 600.00 a month from what I get for LTD till my bill is paid.That leaves me with 392.00 a month from them.

    I explained to them that I needed a little from them so I could keep up with my bills.They agreed .I now only owe them 2890.00 .Cant wait till I'm done paying them off.

    Good luck
  3. Pianowoman

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