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    hello everyone. I have just been told I have fibro from my dr last week. Any help with this would be great. I am on cymbalta, hydrocodone, and just was put on lyrica. Anyone have problems with the lyrica? I take it and feel like I am drunk. I am on 150mg twice a day. Hope to find some answers. thanks in advance for any help
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    Hi Traci and welcome!

    I'm glad you found this site, although I'm sorry you had to. There is a lot of information here. The best thing to do is take some time right now to just let it soak in, then do some research -find the support you need (KEY!) and make whatever adjustments you need to in your life.

    One thing that you'll find is that it's really trial and error with what works. Every one of us is so unique and different. We sure have a lot in common, but what works for one doesn't always work for another.

    Some people find Lyrica to be a life saver. Some can't/couldn't tolerate it. I have a friend whose life has been changed by it. I didn't make it past 30 days. I know the dose makes a big difference. Some that can't take Lyrica have better luck w/Neurontin. Something to keep in mind.

    How long have you had Fibro? How are you doing...feeling? Do you have support, a family that is there for you?

    Please post questions and answers as well - we all benefit from each other's experiences!

    Again, welcome!

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    There is alot of information here you can look back into past post and look up articles but most of all don't be afraid to ask questions. Also I do not take Lyrica as I read the side affects and one is you gain alot of weight which I do not need. Remember any of the meds you do not like you let your doctor know and study this board and or ask people about what what meds they take. Also the Dr's can try different things on you until you feel right about the ones you are taking. I take both Prescribed and Natural such as vitamins and such. Like Jam I swear by Grape Seed extract but always keep your Dr informed on what you take. There are also other sites you can google for more FMS information. Good luch and welcome aboard. I am not on here regularly but I pop in and out and I do love the support that is offered here
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    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    Please take care with driving, etc. if you feel impaired from the Lyrica. Even little rear-enders can be nasty & flare-inducing (as well as expensive.) It's possible that with time, your brain will adjust to the Lyrica.

    Learn all you can about your diagnosis. There are many of us who are doing well by addressing underlying & contributing causes, without resorting to a lot of meds.

    I highly recommend the books, From Fatigued to Fantastic. and Pain Free 1 - 2 - 3, both by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. Teitelbaum describes possible contributing factors, as well as bothe conventional and alternative ways to reduce pain & improve quality of life.

    Best wishes.
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    Yes I was just diagnosed last week and put on Lyrica, I may as well be drunk and i dont drink. I am on the same dosage as you are and i have a call into my doctor for this. Also the hydrocodone can do that to you as well. My doctor refused to put me on any pain meds such as hydrocodone and i am going crazy with being tired constantly and now feel drunk as well so i totally understand what you are going thru. I am sorry to hear that you also got diagnosed i am still learning about it and find it hard to explain to my family and friends what exactly it is. If you find anything that works besides Lyrica pleaseeeee let me know. Thanks i feel like we are in the same boat.
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    Welcome to you as well!

    I know that w/Lyrica, many people have side effects in the beginning. For some people those go away if you can wait it out. Your body has to get used to it. Some can't get through that waiting period. Like I said, I gave it a month. I swelled terribly in my hands and feet. I've tried SO many meds that truthfully I can't even remember what other side effects I had.

    Another med to try is Neurontin. It is very similar to Lyrica (works the same way) but often doesn't have the same side effects. You may have much better luck on that if Lyrica doesn't work for you.

    Many people here have also tried Cymbalta - it's not in the same class of medications, but for some it helps the pain some. Another one I couldn't take. It made me incredibly depressed.

    Is your Dr. against pain meds in general or will he just not put you on them at this time? How long have you had Fibro before being diagnosed? How is your pain - I mean is it tolerable?
    Will your Dr. refer you to someone if you get to the point that you might need pain medication or are you even open to that? If your Dr. is against prescribing narcotics, many people have luck with Tramadol. It is sort of a pseudo-opiate, but seems to bind to the pain receptors better for some people.

    How are you sleeping? It's incredibly important that you're getting as much good quality sleep as possible. That's a problem for most of us with Fibro. REST when your body says to even if it's not natural for you to lay down during the day. Poor quality sleep = more pain. A fatigued body = pain. Poor sleep, fatigue and pain wear down our brains.

    If you are having a hard time explaining this all to your family and friends, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website. They have lots of information, you can email (or however you prefer to pass the info along) to others. I did that to lots of people. "I found some interesting information that I thought might give you a better understanding of what I am facing with this new challenge in my life" or "Wanted to share what I'm learning about my new diagnosis about Fibromyalgia. By sharing this, thought we could learn together" I was fortunate to get great responses from very supportive people!

    I also found some good information on the National Pain Foundation website that I also shared with people. You kind of have to navigate around that site, looking at older 'articles' but there are some really good ones.

    You can google both of those sites just as I typed them.

    NOT ONCE did I EVER give anyone the opportunity to even think that some people in this world believe(d) this is in our heads. Because of that I have never had anyone in my life imply that at all.

    Finally, as mentioned before, support is SO very important. I hope you have people in your life who are supportive. Maybe by sharing some info w/those closest to you, they will understand how important that is.

    Hope you'll post w/your experiences and advice as well!

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    . Try taking it at nite same thing happens to me I get enough fibro fog that just makes it wroset to funtion good luck think postive thoughts .if not the depression can consume you. And the pain gets wrose take care