New here..have fibro.

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    hello everyone. I have just been told I have fibro from my dr last week. Any help with this would be great. I am on cymbalta, hydrocodone, and just was put on lyrica. Anyone have problems with the lyrica? I take it and feel like I am drunk. I am on 150mg twice a day. Hope to find some answers. thanks in advance for any help.
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    My neurologist put me on Lyrica in the winter of 2009. She had to keep adjusting the dosage because everytime I tried to stand up, I felt like I was going to pass out. Everything would slowly go black and I had to grab onto whatever was near to keep from falling. Besides that side effect, I always felt like I was in a brain fog and couldn't think clearly. I had her switch me to Neurontin in May of 2009 because I had enough of the side effects from Lyrica. I took that until August of 2009 and I slowly weaned myself off from that as it never did anything to relieve my pain. I also took Cymbalta, but also stopped taking that as well. It never did anything for my pain and I felt like I was an emotionless Zombie, not to mention the fact it left me with absolutely no sexual desire whatsoever!! A side effect my husband really wasn't too thrilled about, if you know what I mean.

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    Becareful when you go see dr's office . What the amount you spend. I can not go back until by collections is paid off. But one thing I can tell you is htat I am on hydrocodone and use advil. THose are the one works for me. I also sometimes do have to take naproxen too. Lyrica. I have lady work with me and she is Fibrom. too. SHe started Lyrica about month ago and guess what her body her arms and some area got bruises all over but she said no pain on her fingers , hands , arms but she been feeling nausa , fever. Today she told me they took her off. So caution on that, check with Dr. and what your self daily to see any differnts or changes. I have FMS since fall of 2005. BY the way good luck and hang in there.
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    Actually some new people do have a habit of posting on multiple boards believing they will reach the optimum amount of people, especially since some people claim the boards are slow. They will post here and people will suggest they also post on a second board, So they post on two boards. Recently an established member posted a question and put it on most boards. And some established members are posting the same subject on multiple boards just because they want to. It's becoming more common that the Health board gets out of the "general" topics and I actually don't believe it is a glitch.

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    I am also new to this site, searching for some answers to finding a doctor...I was diagnosed with fibro last year and my first medicine was Cymbalta. I had a severe reaction to it, swirls of welts that were hives on my legs and arms. My doctor thought I would be okay if I just upped the dose and stayed on it. I ended up with the shakes (all over -hands, head), severe anxiety and a heart rate that stayed at 130 all the time. I quit taking it on my own. As for the Lyrica, I started that shortly after the Cymbalta episode. I began by taking 150mg a day, three doses of 50. I went to a Rhumetologist who recommended I up the dose to 300mg. I now take 100 three times a day. It can give you an annoying "high feeling" and messes with your vision especially at night. I also feel it makes me tired. It does help with the pain, but the side effects are there. So far for me, it has been either deal with the side effects to have some sort of a life, or have nothing and not be able to move. Pretty frustrating. Wish you the best.

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    I don't think anything effects fibro but direct trigger point injections, and their are only two true global pain effectors Ibuprofen and Nalbuphene.
    Hydrocodone will stop you up like an over worked toilet, Senacot tablets at the local drugstore help, Lyrica like Neurontin is an epilepsy drug, some say it helps, most get dizzy and quit for something that worksBR>

    Who are all those people out there with those firey torches and why are they heaping all that dry straw around that stake!?

    I love Cymbalta, for the first time in my life I am realisticly depression free, not fibro free.

    Cymbalta is one of the newest brain chemistry drugs availale Correction cymbalta is one of a series of drugs to take advantage of a relatively new approach to manipulation of brain chemistry, it is of a genre' of drugs referred to as ssri's (selective seritonin reuptake inhibitors) it is intended to manipulate brain chemistry to predictibly alter some aspect of the cheistry to provide a desired outcome (make the lemonade sweeter for example if I were trying to make sweet lemonade), but cymbalta has nothing to do with Fibro.

    'Gotta remember an unfortunate fact of life, everything has a top and bottom, inside and outside eery graduating class of doctors has the best and the one that just made it. Keep looking for that good doc, they are out there.

    Oh yeah, fibro, Fibromyalgia, fiber pain, global but with intense points of pain, you can dribble all the water on those hot coals, some may even may go out, but those intense hot points of heat must be put out directly, trigger point injection.

    And why Ibuprofen and Nalbuphene, both excellent pain killers Ibuprofen when it began was Motrin above 200mg it's still Motrin and it is an NSAID (non steroidal anti inflamation drug) good stuff, but really have high pain relief you have to use a lot of it and it will eat your guts.
    non prescription (unless some reason to prescribe it like insurance nonsense or such then it's Motrin 600 and 800 mg [ 3 or 4 of the cheap pills])

    Then the king of all pain relievers a genuine pain killer not a brain killer like all the opoids, Nalbuphene aka nubain. Pain killer par excellence, equal in effecacy to Morphine (the medical standard) acts on Mu and Kappa brain recptors only, no euphoria no buzz no hook no addiction no withdrawl, not a schedule drug, can be refilled with a phone call, cannot overdose, if you hurt more take more, won't work, it relieves only so much pain makes you feel better not BETTER, helps with tinnitus, no constipation, no neausea, doctors hate it gives the control back to you and you cannot become a creepy addict (or non creepy addict), good stuff works) expensive because someone wants it that way, was very cheap, one small glitch, only comes injectable. Ah well even a peach has a pit'

    There's more if the mob lets me live



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    I asked my family Dr to refer me to a Rheumatologist. He's great. Even tho diagnosis isn't. I have Osteo & Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibro, & Diabetic Neuropathy. He prescribed Volteran & Flexeril. Volteran along with my other meds for inflammation & joint pain, etc & flexeril for my muscles twitching & cramping. Having bloodwork & Nuclear bone scan tomorrow. They've x-rayed my hands & feets. No cartilage left here & there due to arthritis. fibro-Weak, missing work, nausea, brain fog. Have my 2nd appt w/Rheumatologist next week 7/15 so more later.
    Good luck. I'm new to Fibro & posting also. Connie Sue (DaysByDazey)
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    There are not a lot of people with Fibro who benefit from Trigger point injections because our pain is not in one place, but rather an all over type pain or migrating pain. My fibro pain only rarely has "points of pain", never could I catch that when going to the Dr. I have full blown leg pain as many describe here.

    Also anti-inflammatories are not helpful to Fibro unless you have something going on along with Fibro as Fibro itself does not have inflammation associated with it. If one does have inflammation you should check out the cause.

    I am not however saying that Aleve, Motrin etc. would not be helpful as they are good pain relievers in general. If you have to use a lot of it, then it's not that helpful obviously.

    Different things seems to work for everyone. I have a friend who says Lyrica changed her life. She's one of the lucky ones. I can take pain medication with zero constipation issues. It's truly all trial and error for us. One day maybe there will be something found that has a high percentage rate of help for the majority of us who suffer from this condition.