new here have lots of qustions - please help!

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    Hi ev1, I was searching on the net and gave some of my symptoms a little while ago and this site came up... I'm 21 years old and a few months ago I started feeling weird thing going on in my body. The doctors say nothing is but I know diffrent.
    It's like I can feel my heartbeat throughout my body, and I've had a coupple of fainting spells, not to mention the head aches, dizzyness, and so many fuzzy dots in my eyes that I go blind...
    If anyone, and I mean anyone has ANY suggestions I am all ears. I'm so upset I don't know what to do. I was in school but I had to stop being that I'm so exausted I can't get up in the mornings (with a full 8 hours sleep). PLEASE HELP!!! Love and prayers for all, April (aka Twinkel).
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    Hi Twinkel, welcome to the board. I really do not know what to tell you other than to get another doctors opinion.

    The dizziness, going blind, passing out is not FM/CFS that I know of.

    You really need to see a good doctor ASAP.

    Sure hope you get some help soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Twinkel1919

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    thank you very much