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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sorekitty, Jul 2, 2006.

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    Hi, I have been reading your posts for a few days now and am learning so much. I was dx with fibro about 2 years ago but didn't really want to believe it. Especially since my symptoms come and go. I just went to a new doctor(a D.O.) this past week and he told me I also have CFIDS and hypoglycemia. He took a lot of blood and hopefully I will get some results from that soon. I just went through the worst flair I have ever had and it caused me to really believe that this must be true. The past couple days I have felt much better but the flair lasted a full 3 weeks.

    I'm 40 and have a 4 year old son that is VERY active. I have the hardest time keeping up and making sure we do lots of things to get his energy out. Luckily my husband is really supportive and helps quite a bit.

    Anyone use a cream to rub into the sore spots that doesn't smell stong(yucky)? I have been using an arnica cream but if there is something better please let me know.

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    I kind of feel like you. I don't post here too much, because even though I have the dx, I don't have a lot of pain like most of the folks posting here...I just have the really horrible fatigue for the most part. However, I have noticed pain getting worse, but thank God it's still pretty tolerable.

    With all that said, welcome, and hope you find help here...lots of good people.

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    Welcome to the board. I am of mom of three kids. It is VERY tough, I agree. But it is just like everything else...we just do it. I hope you get the answers you need to take good care of your health.

    I have not really had much sucess with creams. My doc gave me an RX for Lidociane patches...and I love them. They are great for muscles, back, neck, etc.and they do not effect other medications.

    When your son is rowdy and in the room, use ear plugs to keep things quieter for you. You can still hear him, you can see him, and it keep the noise level down.

    Noisy toys like the fire trucks, etc (that use batteries)-those all have a "speaker". Put scotch tape over part of them. He will not notice and they won't be so loud.

    In my house, I buy the small craft projects. We do those when mom needs some "chill time". We also color together and paint together. We call it our "special time". My boys love the idea of the special time, plus it encourages my boys art skills.

    It is tough...I get it. But this is a wonderful support systom to cry, vent, get ideas, or get help. Hugs and health...


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