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    Hello to everyone here my names is vanessa im 31 and i just found out i have R.A. its been really hard for me to come to terms with im kind of a control freak and being unable to control my own body has put me in to a really bad state of mind im always in pain i have no energy for anything i feel so useless i have children and all of this is making me feel like a horrible mom im married for eight yrs now and i have slowly drove me husband away when i need him most please pray for me and my family to find some peace and understanding in these stressful times

    this board has help these last three days to see that im not alone in the feeling i have and the suffering it helps me put some kind of handle on my self there are such wonderful people here and i thank the good lord for showing me this site please pray that the lord restores my family and that he may help my husband understand my most recent behavior and bring him back to his family thank you to everyone by prayer go out to everyone
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    You are not alone and I will pray for you. I don't know much about RA , but I ask the heavenly Father to offer you some relief.

    For some of us old senior citizens your post was really hard to read. Please try to either put more spaces or some punctuation as visually it was hard .

    Hang in there dear. Please feel free to put yourself on the weekly prayer list, and do so each week and we all pray for you on Thursday nights. Wishing you relief.

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    Sending warm healing thoughts and prayers up for you today. It is so hard living with a chronic disease like we have. Its going to take awhile for you to accept all this. Take it one day at a time, sometimes it may be one hour at a time. God will help you through it if you ask him. Look for the small miracles along the way to help you through.

    God bless,
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    I also have RA or arthur as I call it.

    I remember all the effects of the disease and the fear when I was a newbie. It's all so overwhelming.

    But I promise it does get better. Putting your life in Gods hands is the BEST place to start.

    Do you have a good RA Dr.? Would he sit down and explain all the things going on with you to your hubby?

    Next a few visits to a counselor ( a thing we all should do now and then to keep our lives on track and to remove the old garbage ).One that can explain trust, love and support. You must trust your hubby and he must love and support you.

    Lastly a meeting with a new household plan with everyone ( family and friends ) involved. Explain to all the changes you will have to make and how they will help you.

    This will help to keep you from becoming introverted, angry and hostile to all around you and they NEED to know that.

    You can't get through all this alone. So many try to just buck-up and hide it, IT DOESN'T WORK. In fact it makes things worse.

    Never forget your life in Gods hands is number one and I promise to be praying for you. Please let me know how your doing.

    And if you feel like chatting we can also do that. Blessings, De