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    Hello, my name is Becky. I'm a 33 year old wife and mother to a 4 year old little girl that thinks she's 15. I live in Orange County, CA.

    Two years ago I was hosptalized with meningitis. That same visit I was also overdosed with morphine and the fentenyl patch. I was in a coma for 5 days. My husband and parents were told that they didn't think I was going to make it. Thank God I did. Ever since though I haven't felt right at all. Flare ups of flu like symptoms (flu aches and pains times 100). Low grade fevers and exhuastion. I went to many doctors and had many tests done. I found out I have Psuedotumor Cerebri and now see a nuerologist regularly. When I was diagnosed with that it's like my doctors stopped looking to see what was causing the pain and exhaustion. Well finally Monday I saw my rhuematologist and he diagnosed me with FM and prescribed Lyrica. I'm hoping the Lyrica helps. I've been going through a flare up for the past couple of months and this week has been horrible. Darvocet has been my best friend. I used to take motrin like candy but that has stopped working. At this point I am considering Medicinal Marajuana. Since here in Cali it's legal and in the research I've done it's supposed to work with pain receptors and "calm" them down if you will. I can't live feeling like this. I'm so angry. It's not fair. I was healthy 2 years ago. I'm the sole supporter of my family. I have to work full time so we can have insurance but every morning I feel so bad it's so hard to get up. My husband is a type 1 diabetic and now considered disabled because of kidney issues.

    How do you do it?
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    Welcome, I guess, LOL. This is the best place for people with this DD. Truly hope the Lyrica helps, but if it doesn't, don't give up on the med. MJ. Take Care!!

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    Don't forget we have a good Fibro message board here and if you will be using medical marijuana for fibro, it might be an idea to also post your message on that board. Good luck.