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    hi...I suffer from lately lots of new medical issues. In the last year I have had a DVT(bllod clot in my left leg)...due to several clotting blood disorders that I didnt know I had until this clot showed up. Now I am having kidney problems..the Dr said CKD stage 3..and now my primary said that I have a nodule on my adrenal gland. .......I have been bipolar 1 for gosh years but it has been under control with meds. Since my kidney problem the dr took me off one of my meds 2 weeks ago almost and I am starting to feel lots of anxiety and really tired. I am not one that gets any exercise anyway...I have been dealing with fatigue for several years now....also found out I am severally anemic.. have had 2 iron transfusions and get B-12 shots monthly. I thought that the fatigue might be because I am so anemic, but I am not so sure now. ...I am wondering if I fibomialgia(SP?)...when hubby hugs me, and he is very gentle I have places that hurt me...on my arms , my back my neck....just to lightly press they hurt. I am just not sure what might be wrong, I am started to feel very anxious over all of these health issues too....Just not sure what is up??
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    There is an excellent Fibro board here and you may want to post there among the all Fibro people to see what answers you get. Good luck.