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    I have actually been reading all your posts on an off for the last month. It has been so helpful. First of all, I was dx with FM in 96 started taking Flexeril to help with sleep. I am feeling so frustrated lately, with all of the symptoms....I really feel as if I am going nuts. I just started seeing a new rheumy. I had heard him do a talk on FM and decided to see him. I had a ****load of bloodwork done, an xray of an ankle that has been killing me since Oct. Of course I was completely neurotic while the labwork was being analyzed. Do any of you have high anxiety over labwork or the feeling that you really have some horrendous disease that is not being found? I am preoccupied with it. I talked to the rheumy about the results and I guess everything was normal except my tsh. which is always low. 0.17......./even though everything else was "normal" labwise he said that sometimes diseases can show up at a later how comforting is that when you are having all this strange **** happening to you?? He did tell me I had Raynauds at my office exam. He showed me the signs of it in my hands. He did not seem real concerned about it. But I went home and looked it up on the net I became terrified of having scleroderma because it seemed most of the info put the two together. So I feel like I am just a terrible disfiuring disease in-waiting. I have had a very tough 2 years....I was dx-d with breast cancer in 01 eight months after I gave birth to my husband has young onset Parkinsons disease......So I am trying to have decent coping skills for the sake of my 4 children and my husband.......I feel like my house of cards is just tumbling down around me.......Thank-you for letting me vent. So I guess are there those of you out there that have Raynauds and FM. And are you terrified of "someday" waiting for the next shoe to drop and have scleroderma or some other disease....or does negative ANA labwork usually mean you don't have other connective tissue dieases lurking inside waiting to wallop you? I have had tons of test done...I sometimes have difficulty swallowing.....I had a scope in Nov. just reflux and I have a hiatal hernia...I had a scope that looked at my throat and vocal cords because my voice gets hoarse sometimes....Nothing, wrong the ENT doc said my vocal cords looked "pristine"....I have ibs....diarrhea...the constipation...esp with certain foods..I am very sensitive to sound, bright lights and smells.....I have the nose of a bloodhound! I can even smell in my dreams. weird huh This dd is nuts. I guess I am having a hard time with the weird symptoms. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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    I feel for you sweetie. How old are your kids? Mine are 3 and 5 and I really feel like they are missing out on so much because I can't care for them like they deserve to be cared for. I am thankful my 5yr old is in Kindergarten and we can afford to send the 3 yr old to preschool for a half day. That helps, but i feel like I am having others take over his care. I know it is only for 3 hours a day, but I still feel like a bad mother.
    You mentioned Raynauds. What is this? What are the symptoms?

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    Welcome to the board! If you've been here a month, you know we care, and we'll do all we can to hear you out, answer the questions we Know- or lead you to a place where you Can find answers. I have had mental problems, before the FM/CMP,and the accident that began it all- also started my back & trouble,too.My Drs. here~~~ DON'T care to do EXTRA learning , so I do the reasearch for the!AND try to be TACTFUL!!!
    I've had FM/CMP/CFIMD for 25 75yrs, it't just recently that IBS has been a big stressor.
    And I'm 53, had my uterous out when I was 35. I took premarin, anthen quit after many years. this past year has been a sicko to me! And I have to go th lopts of blood teste, barium swallows counts!!! And a a CT Scan on Mon.
    I hope you feel better and find answers to all your inqiroies!!
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    put you on thyroid med I hope. Yes, I am neurotic about my health too. I think it is because we are in pain 24/7 that it is impossible to forget about it. We do not have 1 or 2 magic pills we can take that will keep or DD in check. So we have to research and make up our own plan of action. So yes, we have to obsese about it. You are not alone!
    hope he is treating your low tsh.
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    Mom2two, I have a 2, 8, 9 and a 13 year old that keep me hopping...........The endo. that I have been to will not do anything about my low tsh until my t3 and t4 are more out of whack!!! They call me sub-clinical Graves (hyperthyroidism) diease...I think I will consult with another endo sometime ....I get so tired of this crap!!!!
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    We share so many symptoms. I know it's easier said than done but, please try not to stress over your symptoms. They all sound so familiar. I was diagnosed with FM in July/02 and in the denial stage for months. I did not believe this - thought I must be dying (maybe cancer - like you perhaps scleroderma?). What a horrible time I had. I could not get out of bed for longer than 15 minutes for 3 months. Finally in Oct/02 I requested antidepressants from my doc to take the edge of the severe anxiety. It got me through my worst days and I have since weaned myself off. My point is that stress is our worst enemy. Pain/fatigue will increase ten fold when stress/anxiety is thrown into the pot. My advice is to learn as much as you can about this dd (this board is a great way to start). I am sure you will find some comfort knowing others are in the same boat.
    PS: Renauld's is quite common in FM

    Hope to see you post,