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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by diva42597, May 22, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to this board, but I have had fibromyalgia for about 11 years. I had a REALLY bad attack last night. It just struck me this morning how funny our lives are. The pain is always's just how bad it is. It's become more and more difficult in the past few months. I work full time and even though I'm only 31 it's really tough to do that sometimes. I know there are a lot of people much worse off, but I can't help feeling cheated sometimes. The pain started when I was 19. The entirety of my youth has been spent trying to lessen the pain and be just a little more comfortable. Sometimes I feel like I'm fighting the fight, but it's futile because, in the end, I'm still going to have bad days. I just find it so difficult to be positive at times. I'm a smart, talented person and my entire adult life has been wasted trying to find ways to ease the pain that I have spend little time developing my talents and making a good career for myself. I'm sorry for being so down. I guess I just need somewhere to vent where someone will understand. I feel like, thus far, this disease has taken my life and my youth. I try to not limit myself and go places and disreguard the's just gotten so difficult. Thanks for listening!
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    nice to have you with us.=)

    i'm just a little older than you (33), and have been suffering from pain, from about the same time as you too (17), just being diagnosed with FM almost 2 years ago.

    FM is such a bummer, especially when the pain is heightened. alot of why me's? poor me's! and why can't i just have a *normal* life?... i know!

    you've found a great little group here. a wealth of information, and a great support system for when you just need to vent.

    glad to have you, and hope you get to feeling as much better as possible. <3

    JEANSKI New Member

    I know exactly what you are saying. I was dx at 15, sick since 13 and I turn 30 this year. It gets harder not easier the longer you've had this. It really is a bummer that we have talents and dreams that we cannot fulfill. I work fulltime also, at a job I am content with and good at but am always wondering what else I could be doing.

    I would love to be involved with the healing arts, like massage but it's physically impossible. I still have hope that i will find my niche in that area. But discouragement does come often. I also would love to learn an instrument but for too many reasons to list it is not practical for me. *sigh*

    When I think about missing out on having a family, or even a healthy romantic relationship it makes me very sad. So I don't go there often. But it lingers.

    I didn't even get to finish school. I went into HS very ill and NEVER had a "normal" HS experiance. They didn't have anywhere to put me with my "special needs" so i was i with the retarded kids and the discipline probelm was not great for a teenagers self esteem i can tell you that! I couldn't take it anymore and left when i came of age that they would let me leave. I've never had a boyfriend. Don't have any friends....

    OOOKKKAAAYYYY...I am getting myself really depressed now so i will stop. LOL But I know what you mean. I've missed alot of life. But I have also made one for myself that I can be proud of under the circumstances.
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    thats what i call us all becuz it fits..we are a family here who understand it all and never judge or underline your are always believed and never thought of as a person who overplays your illness. we all know how horrible you feel because we all feel the same, some worse than others, but never the less, we are eachothers painpals! =] I have been ill for 18 yrs and now i am 55 yrs young and because of other dxs, i am very inmobile, and too meserable,am a new bride of three yrs. but I dont want to depress you or take away from you, its not about me, this ones for you Diva. I have not been on this site for awhile, but am coming back slowly... good wishes for you from all of us[dont wana say good luck, if we had luck, we would not be here like this]...if u believe in prayers, i will send u some......miss pacotaco

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