New here...Not so new to F.M.S.

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    I tried posting yesterday but I don't see it on the board.?
    So...anyway..I'm new here, but has had F.M.S for 9 years atleast. All tho took the doctors 6 years to mention it to me.
    then when they told me I had it it was said like it was a common cold and the doctors additude was that if I went to OP theropy and took all those Medicinces it would go away.

    Nothing was ever mentioned to me about what it even was.
    And come to find out...most of the doctors I had in the pass..who said that's what I have didn't put the word Fibromyaglia or F.M.S. on any medical dictations for my medical records..rather they listed all the symtoms of F.M.S. My family Doctor who sent me for all those other doctors (because he wantted a specialise to Dianose it) Told me that well alot of doctors don't believe it is a real medical condition..or they don't want to be laughted at by other Doctors..
    Mean while I suffer!!!
    For years..having to listen to from family,friends,co-workers,boyfriends,spouses(F.M.S. helped to distory my marriage) "Why are always so tried?" "How could someone so young have so much pain all the time?" Having to endure (what I thought were) Freezing cold inviroments...because it felt good to every one eles,and hearing if I "put some meat on my skinny butt..I'd be warmer"

    In pain all the time now, on the phone searching for Doctors that take my insurance and WILL EVEN see someone with F.M.S.

    So Fustrated!!
    With the whole thing!!
    Doctors don't help.
    Freinds,Family,my boyfriend,
    Nobody understands.
    My sister who is a nurse said I should be part of a support group.. so here I am.
    Kinda feel alittle better already.

    ~~Ember Fae
  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Welcome home.. we know how you feel!!

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