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    Hi, I have fybro and sjogren's. I have been taking pain meds for a few years. I have pain every day and if I don't have proper medicine I am in terrible pain. Just recently I went from four 10/500 vicodin to 4 oxicodone a day instead. Well the pain was still there so they switched me to oxycottin release 10-mg in the morning to 10 mg at night. I was still feeling the pain. So the doctor said to take one of my vicodin in the afternoon for breakthrough pain. That worked for 2 months. I had to start taking one more vicodin at night for breakthrough pain because my back hurt so bad it drove me crazzy! and I mean the shoulder blade pain that feels like an ice pick. Well I told my doctor this and she changed me to 20mg of the oxycottin release in the morning and the same at night. She said no vicodine during the day. So all weekend I have been suffering with my terrible stomach pain that I get. This is so bad I can't walk in a straight position. The release just doesn't seem to release when I need it. It doesn't even seem like its there. I can't understand this. I had to take a vicodin today for the pain I couldn't last or take care of my five kids that pain. MY doctor also said she wants me to go to a pain clinic to help manage my narcottics. What do you think she is wanting to accomplish with this. I do follow directions and I always get approval from my doctor or pharmacist. I'm am just not getting the pain releaf I need. They have done a lot of arthritus test lately and it show inflamation sometimes for them to be concerned and then after the test it lately has been negative a lot. The pain though is very real and it starting to drive me nuts. Do any of you have any suggestions? I don't know what else to try. My pains have started since the age of 12 and since then down hill with strep throat, tonsils out, surgery on left cyst, endometrosis surgery's about 4 of them and a hysterectomy at 31 that year they found fybro and sjogren's. Do you think my rheamy believes me I know my primary does.
    I've been here before its just been awhile
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