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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 7mommy, Oct 8, 2005.

  1. 7mommy

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    I don't know if anyone here can help me or not.

    I have hashimoto's. However, I have problems that my endo tells me are not due to my throid. My gp wonders if it is Fibro. He sent me to a neuro who ruled out MS (and also insulted me) and nerve entrapment. I was due to see a rhemetologist, but dh lost his job. He recently began another one so we will at some point be going to a rheumy, but I am not sure when.

    The issues I have come and go. I have periods where I feel pretty good and others when I am lucky to be getting anything done at all. I have been told more times than I care to hear that I must be depressed or worn out. I have 6 dc so you can only imagine what people think of me. My children are not the isse and I am not depressed at all. Frustrated? You betcha!!

    I often have achiness in my joints and muscles. I have the full body flu-like feeling and I also have focused pain. This began on one side (my right hand). It has now progressed to where it effects at one time or another my entire right arm from hand to shoulder, left arm, right hip, left hip, left foot, right and left lower leg. It causes me to walk funny at times. It may last from a day to a week at most. It might be one area or several. It may be accompanied with general achiness or not. I also get pain in my lymph nodes in my groin (esp right side) but they do not appear to be enlarged. At times I run a low grade fever, but it is usually not too noticable to me. I find out by accident. My skin hurts at times. This effect my scalp down to my groin. It feels like sunburn and may effect all areas or just a certain area. It is usually just my back, top of my head and groin. Not usually my chest. I get wierd itchy rashes from the sun. I have had wierd episodes that scared me into seeking help. I felt like I was unable to speak. THankfully this only occured one time. Other times, I felt like I was on autopilot and I needed to think through every single turn I made while I was driving so I could make it home.

    I get tired, but I am not tired as I imagine CFIDS makes you. I never thought of it until a friend mentioned it to me. My dh read it and felt strongly that it could be me.

    I am so frustrated!! If you have any thoughts please post them. If you have further questions I can try to answer them. I am tired now so I will go.
  2. Tigger57

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    Sounds like CFIDS. I've been going through a lot of the same problems. The doctors know that I have a lot of inflammation in my system and the doctors are not sure why.

    When I flare I feel like I have the worst flu. I'm exhausted and can barely take care of myself. I also get fevers.

    I don't have much more to offer, but I sure hope you have some luck.
  3. jbennett2

    jbennett2 New Member

    it also could be Lyme. These illnesses all mimic each other and have overlapping symptoms.

    Good luck with the rheumy. I was also insulted by my neuro and never went back. Of course we're depressed - we feel like CRAP! Doctors just like to blame everything on depression.

    When you see the rheumy, as him/her to do a Western Blot and send it to one of the labs that have a good reputation. Off the top of my head, I can think of only two. Igenex and StonyBrook. I have heard conflicting things about Bowen labs.
  4. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    it sounds more like FM to me too. I always recommend a good pain specialist, some cancer pain specialists and some sports medicine doctors know how to deal with all this. If you are like most of us it will take several doctors to get a definite diagnosis, so prepare yourself. You will probably be put through trying lots of different meds and therapies. Eventually you will find the answer and what works for you! Good luck and welcome to confusion! Hugs, Bambi Keep coming back!
  5. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    7mommy .. I have Hashimoto's thyroid as well .. and went through some awful times with AWFUL doctors .. they almost drove me mad telling me I was too anxious, then graduated to depressed .. so I really know how you feel when they say that to you .. I was able to see a surgeon ( I wanted my thyroid OUT .. but it was not to be ) .. he was good and recognized that I had fibro .. he sent me to a rheumy and I also had a chance to change GPs .. young gal on the ball ... so you have to stick to your guns and get the answers you can agree with and understand .. we all have to fight a ridiculous battle to get help .. hang in there !
    Good Luck !

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