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    Grandma has type 1 and is late 60's...she doesn't want to check her blood sugar for weeks at a time and just doses with the same amount of insulin 3x a day..her BS runs in the 500 sometimes. Lately her vision is going and she has open sores that look like skin ulcers on her whole body..her hands are raw meat red color and she is loosing her hair...she won't show me her feet...what is happening to she going to die or have amputation..I'm assuming since she is loosing her hair it must be from circulation slowing down so maybe her decision making isn't so clear in her brain if her circulation isn't good....just beside ourselves...thanks for any input!
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    I would contact the City to get a social worker assigned to her and speak thoroughly with the social worker. I believe Grandma can no longer take care of herself and is placing herself at medical risk and it's time for a nursing home. Talk to the social worker right away and talk to Grandma's doctor right away.
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    TwoCatDoctors is right . She needs help. If she is resistant to going to a nursing home ,sometimes medicare (I'm assuming she's on it already) will provide a in home care worker.
    Do get here into a doctor as soon as possible . Diabetes is a nasty buger .
    It's hard when the people you love can't care for themselves. But there are a few good nursing homes around. Please check then out throughly .

    Try to keep calm about this move . But unless you have a family member or a family friend that could help her this is a solution. Plus you can visit her often. =)[This Message was Edited on 01/18/2009]
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    Thank you for your responses...we will see what we can do..but she is stubborn! Could she go into a coma or something?
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    You want the doctor and social worker involved because medically and legally, unless you have a medical power of attorney, you can't do much, but the social worker and her doctor can arrange to get her hospitalized and then into a nursing home. If the social worker finds her in poor medical health, the social worker can legally yank her out of her residence and into a care center. That's why you have to get going now. They can go into a diabetic coma, she can get so bad a foot could have to be amputated (as happened to my now deceased uncle). But don't wait any longer. Get the call to the city for a senior social worker as you are afraid your grandmother will die or go into a coma and she is refusing help--that should get the social workers moving.

    Find local caregivers groups for Alzheimers and they have tons of info on getting someone into nursing care and getting them admitted without the patient's permission. Plus they have tons of info that you need to help you.
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    Thank you all...we will see what we can do and will keep you posted.