New here too with lots of questions !!!!!!!

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    I have been reading here for a couple weeks and have found out so many interesting things from all of you ....Thanks for any helpful info !!
    I have not been formally diagnosed but am seeing my rhuematologist this Friday and really dont know what to expect...and am nervous. My muscles hurt so bad and burning in feet at night etc. I dont know if he is a Fibro believer or not. I had an internest tell me two weeks ago that Fibro and CFS does not exsist and all that is wrong with me is the fact I have an eating disorder. He really pissed me off as I had only met him 30 min prior and he was quick to judge on the eating disorder other than the fact I need to lose about 50 pounds due to the unability to excersise due to the muscle pain etc.
    Needless to say......I have chucked the next appt with him !!!!!
    I am curious if any of you have ever had a high westrgren sed rate blood test that has been high /??/
    Mine was 50 and normal high is 20.
    Any feedback on anyting would be greatly appreciated.
    I live in Palm Desert, California and would love to find a qualified doctor somewhere with in a 75 mile radius
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    Be sure to get a sed rate before you take any meds that would interfere with its' reading. I was on steroids and therefore a sed rate was out of the question and will be until I am completely off which may be the 12th of never!

    Go to your primary w/your suspicions. Remember YOU are your only patient, your doc has many. Be humble yet let him/her know you are informed.

    Chances are a process of elimination will begin. In my case the rheumi was the last specialist I saw because my doc felt I probably have a muscular/skeletal disease and I am now and was then, a skeptic.

    A good doc can help you sort through all this and find a good treatment plan you can live with. CactusLil'
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    My aunt and uncle live in Palm Desert/Lake Arrowhead!
    Been going to both places all my life!
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    Would like to know if anyone is from my area, Palm Desert/Palm Springs, or close here in Southern California and if anyone knows of some good Dr's. in S. Cal