New here...Upcoming major dental surgery...need info Please

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    WOW!!! Look at all these cute little icons. Neat, but I don't have a clue as to what many of them mean???

    Anyway if you need info on me I did a long bio & really can't type it all over again. I got a bit windy, LOL.

    Here's my problem:
    I have significant bone loss in my teeth due to Graves Disease(dx'd 1987). I have lost 4 teeth this year & a few before that. I now will have my remaining top teeth (10) & 3-6 of my bottom back teeth pulled, all at once. I will be left with 6-8 bottom front teeth. I have had deep cleanings done every 2 months for the last 3 years, tying to hang on to my natural teeth as long as possible. Then the "beast" (fibro/mps) took over & I started to have one infection after another. I've always had a low pain tolerance in my mouth. I had to have topical numbing & gas just to get thru the cleanings, along with stopping the hygenist ever few minutes so I could re-group. A week before Xmas I had a loose front tooth flare up. The dentist tried to do a root canal. The pain from the "4 complete rounds" of novicane he gave me sent me over the edge. I was in mild shock. I went thru 8 hours of throbing pain after the novicane wore off. I was to go back & have it finished, he got the root out, but I cancelled. I told him I couldn't do this anymore & we discussed extraction. They took a full pan-film & discovered most of my teeth are being held in by the gums. No bone around the root left. The oral surgeon agreed they need to come out. My mouth is in pain most of the time. I no sooner finish a round of antibiotics & get another infection.

    Ok now here's where I need/request your help....I haven't a clue as to what pain meds/dosages would be best to take pre/after surgery. Also I will have to be knocked out cold to have the surgery done, since I now have zero pain tolerance in my mouth. Can't even stand cleanings anymore under gas. Any suggestions on the anesthesia?

    I have a consult with the oral surgeon on the 19th to explain fibro & my problem of dealing with pain to him. I need as much info as I can gather pre the consult so I can present him with it, as to how to best go about the whole surgery procedure so I don't have overbearing pain. He told me he's never worked on a Fibro patient before!! YIKES! Oh by the way there's only one other oral surgeon in my area & I wouldn't send my worst enemy to him!

    I have found a few articles I think may help the oral surgeon understand & printed them out, but they are lacking detailed info. Is there any meds, etc I should avoid? This is all new to me, as I only take thyroid meds & some vitamins. Should I have novicane as well? As I said I'm clueless as to how to go about this.

    A few worries that keep going thru my mind is waking up during surgery due to the pain or going into shock & being rushed to the hospital. Is this possible? I've heard it happens.


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    hi ,
    am also interested in responses..... will be having knee surgery in 2 weeks...... do u mind TKE?
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    I'm willing to share any info as long as it helps :).

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    I could really use some help on this. PLEASE.

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    I have no answers for the pain med but the first thing that came to my mind was I hope this gal has been tested for mitral valve prolapse. It is a valve heart condition that is minor but alot of us with fms for some reason have it. When having dental work of anykind MVP patients must have antibotics. From what I have read this prevents infection from entering the bloodstream. Geez, just what you wanted to hear. Another thing to worry about. Really wish you would get this checked out it is something fms people suffer from. Good luck.
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    I also have FMS/MPS and to be truthfulwith you, it's a Big problem getting Dentures to fit. They cause Pain, and with the swelling that I get from MPS I can't even wear them, except for the Uppers when I do get to leave the house.

    I had no problem with being "Knocked out" for the surgery, it's the only way to go.
    I took 2 Vicodins and 1 Phenergan 3 x's a day for the Pain, after 3 days I was able to reduce the Pain med, I'd take 1 and a half for one day, and then just the one till the Pain goes away. My problem is that I have Pain 24/7, so I take Vicodin, 3 times a day, and then I also take 2 Vistril, and 2 Soma during the day.

    The best thing to do the first day is just rest, use cold packs on the jaws, don't spit the blood out, it's not that much just change the gauze often, don't use a straw for a few day's, it removes the blood clots you'll need.

    Tea, hot and let set till warm, and you can also use the Teabags to stop any excessive bleeding. I ate Soft food's, like pudding, yoguart, ice crean of course, lol. Soup without big chuncks of anything, broth is too acidy and can make you sick. So try a light soup and strain out the food, just drink that broth, it's not as strong.
    Also you should drink a lot of water, that will help in many way's, and juices, unsweetned and then add a little sugar if you need to.

    If you do have the MVP, as another poster mentioned, you should have the antibotic's. What I take is 2 an hour before, and then 1 twice a day for 3 day's. that's to help prevent Infections. Erthuomycin works good for that, and it's not expensive. Hope I spelled that right.

    Have you been to Devin Starlanyl's website? She has some really great Printouts for the Dentist and othe Healthcare givers. Most Dentist seem to know a lot about the FMS/MPS combo and the problems we have with our teeth. I live in Ca, and we do have a Lot of Dentist's to choose from, but some are sooooooo, arragront. Worse than Dr.s sometimes, lol.

    I'm still in the process of trying to find a Dental lab that might beable to grind the Teeth while I'm there so they will fit. It's made Hell of my already limited Social Life, I'm just about ready to Sell my Karakoe System, since I can't and won"t sing in public without my Lower teeth. The uppers start hurting after awhile too.

    If you want more info on what some of the other members and I have gone through with our teeth, use the Search Messages box, it's at the top of the board, and in the Middle, it's great for searching back posts on certain subjects, and we have been talking about this one a lot, ok mainly me, it's been a long year.

    I will say a Prayer for you that all will go well for your surgery and recovery.

    Don't forget to get the Pain med's, soup, juice,etc, the day before your surgery, so you'll be able to just go to bed when you get home.

    If you are a person who has a low tolerance to Pain, but High tolerance to Pain meds, ask for something stronger for the first 3 day's, it seems like the High Burning pain stops around then.

    aka sharon
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    I appreciate the replies.

    As for MVP: How do you get tested? My doc has never said anything. I haven't seemed to have a problem. My Brother does have this, as did a few other family members. I told my doc that my brother has it. I know when my Brother gets real upset his heart goes crazy & he has trouble breathing. Up to now I have no irregular heart beat, except during a hot flash (I'm in peri-menopause), which causes it to speed up a little for awhile. My doc has told me my heart sounds good.

    MPS swelling: up to now I've only had minor swelling in my shoulder & back muscles. This comes & goes.

    Devin's site: I've been there & printed out a few articles. I ran across an article (some place on the net) that stated all patients with FMS should have pain meds 90 minutes pre surgery & right after to offset any flare ups. DUH! Forgot to bookmark it & now I can't find it :(.

    Food/liquids after surgery: I only drink herbal tea & water. I have a very sensative stomach (food allergies) & when I don't feel well it lets me know what I can eat. It's sort of like a pregnant woman having cravings, LOL. I'm not pregnant, never have been, but it's just a weird sensation I always get. I'm pretty in tune with my body, so I think I'll do OK there.

    My Huz is taking the day off to take me for my surgery & be with me the rest of the day. He'll see that I'm well cared for :). He helps me with everything & does all the laundry :). No you can't have him...he's MINE, LOL. It's sad so many don't have a good support system in their spouses. "For Better or worse". I've also seen my Huz thru 2 bouts with cancer.

    I'm going to ask the surgeon, at my consult, for a script pre surgery, so I can have my pain meds in hand. I'm also going to express to him the need for stronger ones & give him these artices I've printed out.

    I have a low tolerance for pain, but can endure it quite awhile, unless it gets overbearing. Which is what happened during the root canal/novicane shots. This only seems to be taking place in my mouth & no where else. I broke a bone in my foot just before Xmas & never went to the doc. Tripped over one of my dogs!! It hurts, but not bad, unless I step wrong.

    I have the best dentist in my area. Been seeing him for 30 years now, since I was a teenager. He will do my denture insertion as soon as they pull my teeth & will also do all refits/adjustments. I've already seen my top dentures (transitional set). I will have to wait until I'm well healed to get the lower partials. I pray I can wear them & don't have too many problems.

    I did the "search", but didn't come up with allot. I'll try again.

    Oh wanted to ask is there anything to help in the healing processs?? Vitamins, etc. that might help speed up the healing or make it go a bit better?

    Is there anything else I should ask the surgeon, aside from the script for pain meds?

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    Since I have had FM I have to have my mouth frozen completely by needles just to get my teeth cleaned. This never bothered me before. At first they cleaned for as long as I could stand then I came back and back. The dentist suggested the freezing so now I get it all done at one time.
    What I know is that prior to surgery all vitamins and minerals and homepathy etc. should be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery.
    It was never said why I just heard about the 2 weeks.
    I wish you a speedy and painless recovery..........basket21