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    I was diagnosed with FM 3yrs ago.
    I am so tired of always being sick, it seems like I can't even go 2 weeks without some new condition! I have hardly any immune system, infection is around every corner. It has gotten so bad in the last year I was forced to leave my beloved teaching position- now I feel so disabled! I am so disabled!!! HELP!!!
    I have no energy, no tolerance for heat w/ profuse sweating, achey bones, terrible headaches- esp. behind my eyes, sleeping problems, pains in my shoulders, arms and neck, etc. etc. etc........
    Is all this normal? Will it be like this for the rest of my life? I'm only 34 and I feel like I'm 84! I never used to have any of these problems. Why do I keep getting sick?
    Do others of you have low immune systems? I just wish I could live a day without some weird thing happening to me, causing me to feel bedridden. Any ideas? What is the difference between FM and CFS? How do you know if you have both? Help, none of the Dr's I have seen seem to know how to help me-
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    I am fairly new here also. I am a 35 year old Kindergarten teacher and I have been diagnosed with CFS/Fibro for about 8 years. The first couple years were really rough and painful. I have improved and have very little pain and a stronger immune system. You are NOT ALONE and YOU ARE NOT CRAZY !!!! LOL I used to be sick all the time with swollen lymph nodes, PAIN, rashes on my face, sore throats, chronic sinus infections, hair falling out, severe allergies to everything in the world...YIKES !!
    The list goes on and on............ I have made much improvement over the years basically from doing my own research and care. I have found a wonderful doctor that believes I am sick. She supports my research and she is willing to support any treatment I can find that will make me feel better. I have an 8 year old daughter and I am currently teaching. I did take some time off years ago because I was so sick and I had to take care of myself. If you were to ask me the best thing I have used to improve my overall would be Olive Leaf Extract !! Others will come and post to welcome you to the site with many ideas. This disease is not easy to deal with but we are here to support each other the best that we can. Take care, Hippen

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    Put both posts closer. many people Can relate and help! still,peace,lisa
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    I wish this Board had existed when I got Fibro back in 1986. You have a chance to avoid wasting precious years like so many of us did, trying in vain to get help from conventional doctors.
    Please find yourself a holistic doctor. Look under holistic in your Yellow Pages. If nobody is there, ask at your local health food store. If you don't have one, find the website for Great Smokies Laboratory, and send them an e-mail requesting a list of doctors they do business with in the area you live in. (They do all the alt. med. tests).
    The OLE mentioned above is just one of many, many things you can do to help yourself, but you will never hear about any of them from a regular doctor.
    Please do some reading in the library here and other internet sites so you know what the illness is all about.
    For example, you keep getting infections, etc. because one side of the immune system (TH2) is turned on all the time and causing allergic reactions and chemical sensitivities, at the expense of the other side (TH1. As a result, we are prone to get illnesses that should be defended against by the TH1 side of the immune system, like viruses, intra-cellular bacteria, fungual infections and cancers.
    You will need to become somewhat of an expert on Fibro in order to protect yourself from arrogant medical people who say they know about it, but really don't.
    We can help answer your questions as you read up on the illness, and it will get easier to manage over time.
    As far as the difference between Fibro and CFS;that is still open to debate. After years of reading research and books on this, I still tend to think they are different, since CFS tends to cluster in geographical areas and seems to be infective, but they may just be different stages of the same illness. I would suggest not worrying about this "chicken and egg" question at this point, and concentrate on finding a holistic medical professional to really help you work toward health. That is the first thing to do, IMO.
    When you get ready to learn about the illness, I suggest the following websites (we are not allowed to list URL's here, so I will just give names for you to look up on a search engine): Dr. Lowe, Dr. Russell Roby, Dr. Gerald Poesnecker, Dr. Bruce Rind.
    Please have hope! When I came down with this, I could not even walk unassisted,and it took months of Physical Therapy before I could drive even a short distance! Now, I can do an hour of light aerobics for exercise, as long as I pace myself the rest of the day.
    Welcome to the Board, and we hope to be hearing a lot more from you in the future.