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    Hello all im new here, but not new to fibro, i have had it for around 12 years but diagnosed about 7 years.Im 37 and hubby is 37 and he also has fibro, so we are 2 peas in a pod. My question is do any of you have what i call panic attacks? I have anxiety attacks before with chest pain and all. But these little spells are different, my heart flip flops i get diarrea i break out in a sweat ,ect. I can be just sitting and watching tv and this happens, its kinda scary you almost feel like your doomed. Just curious. Thanks Tina
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    tina this is a great place with lots of support help and information. sorry to hear that u and your husband both have to suffer with this. my partner has fm in her cervical spine as well. i have had anxiety attacks but i not panic. i am sorry i cant help u there. but i am sure u will find someone who can help u. just wanted to welcome u in. best wishes and be blessed
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    Hi Tina:

    So glad you found us. So sorry you have Fibro and your husband too. That must be so difficult.

    We are all here to help one and another so feel free to write as much as you like, we will respond.

    As for the panic attacks, some of us do have them and some of us don't. I don't know if what I get at times is a panic attack but I notice that when I am in a crowd I kind of panic, get antsy and have a need to run out, which I do. So maybe that is a sort of panic attack.

    Let's see if others respond to yuor post and what they might have to say.

    Once agan welcome aboard.

    God Bless.