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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by aljosangels, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. aljosangels

    aljosangels New Member

    Hello! My name is Allison, and I was diagnosed with fibro 6 years ago. I have been told by my rhuemy that I have cfs, and i believe that I do, but she did not put that into my file and I don't have an official dx.

    I recently decided to seek counseling for depression, but have not been diligent about following through with that.I was dx with depression, but not clear if it is caused by the health conditions I suffer from or if it is chemical,or maybe from childood trauma.

    I can't seem to get the energy to go too deeply into that aspect of things... the depression.I feel very overwhelmed by everything. I am not happy with the rhuemy but am limited when it comes to choices, and have not done anything to change that.

    I need input on where to start, what to do... how to get out of this dark place I seem to dwelling in. What step do I take first?

    I filed for disability, was turned down 2 times and am waiting for a hearing.My GP doesn't seem to be willing to back me up for disability, neither does the rhuemy. I fell hopeless with it all.

    any advice? Please?

    thank you, Allison
  2. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    sorry I can't help with any advice regarding your disability claim. But just want to welcome you to the board. Its a great place for advice, info and support.

  3. elsa

    elsa New Member

    I don't have any experience with disability either, but many others here do.

    I want to say welcome to the board. You sound like you have alot on your plate. CFS/FM will exhaust you all on their own, the fatigue is double bad when depression is added on.

    Are taking any AD's? You might want to look for another
    doctor. If you don't feel right with the doc you're working with, it just seems to make things that much tougher.

    There is a "good doctor" list here. Look on the top of page, or go to home page and look there. Many people from around the country list Dr's names that do good work with CFS/FM.

    I hope you feel better soon ... welcome!!

  4. Bronagh

    Bronagh New Member

    Hi Allison,

    Welcome to the group, you will find many people here that you identify with.

    I can't give you real advice about disability because i'm at that stage too, i was turned down but am at the reconsideration stage.

    I think you should have the support of your Dr and Rheumy, can you find another?

    Wish you the best Allison.

    Bronagh :)
  5. Donya58

    Donya58 New Member

    Welcome aboard. You've found a great site!!

    I was one of the lucky ones and got my disability the first time I applied. Besides a report from my GP, (and it was my GP who did this) He included a report from my insurance company doc as well as 2 functional tests I had which clearly showed a decline in my ability.

    Good luck, Donya:))

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