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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Ridge-Runner, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Ridge-Runner

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    Just wanted to say hello. 45 year old Male, Just diagnosed with CFS (last month), have been fighting this for several years,but kept getting the "its all in your head" diagnosis. Now just starting to get my head around the fact that I have a chronic illness, that I may never recover from. I have to learn to pace myself, I have been push/crashing about four years now. I knew there was something wrong,now at least I have a name for it (wish it had a better name) I'm not just tired!!!!!!!

    Again Hello!!!!
  2. twerp

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    I'm sure you will find this board very useful. I've had CFS for about 5 years now and I've learned as much, if not more, about it from this source than from any of the doctors I've seen.

    Plus, there's the added advantage that people here can relate to what you're going through and offer some very good "real life" advice on a variety of subjects.

    Anyway, again, welcome!

  3. Kinsie

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    I think you will really enjoy this message board.

  4. badluck

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    Sorry about meeting this way, but just wanted to say welcome. Can't help you with the CFS as I have fibro, but the people here are great and I'm glad you joined us!!
  5. elsa

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    I'm sorry about you having CFS, but doesn't it feel good to have a definate diagnosis?

    This is a great board .... tons and tons of information, latest treatment options and basic support from people who know for certain that this is not "All in
    your Head"....

    I hope you are doing O.K. ... It's hard to learn to pace yourself. Actually, I'm not very good at it. I try to plan ahead though. If I want to do something big then I plan to have follow up recovery days. That way I don't feel like I have given it all up. Still, pacing is a technique I need to get a better handle on, LOL.

    Again, welcome and I hope all is well....


  6. JLH

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    Welcome, Ridge-Runner, to our board and support group! We are always glad to see newcomers.

    I am 54 with 3 adult children, worked for 30 years, had to take early retirement due to poor health, I have many other serious conditions in addition to fibro/cfs.

    A year after I retired, I filed for SSDI and won on my first application, without the help of an attorney.

    You will find a lot of friendly, knowledgeable people here.

    I have learned so much from this board and I am so grateful that I have found it.

    Hope to "talk" with you often--we need more male voices here!!

  7. icare

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    Welcome..I am a male also 49yrs old..Been down pretty well the same road.Its been 9 long years..took 6 yrs to figure out what was wrong.
    The good news is , I hear...Males have a better chance of regaining some of there health back.
    I know i have, I worked myself , and pushed myself tell i had one foot in the grave..well not quite...but i did spend 2 1/2 yrs pretty well bed ridden.The fatigue was overwelming.Going to the bathroom and back to bed was my life.
    I started to regain some of my strength back last year, I am able to do a few things but need to rest.I have CFS and fibromyalgia and have problems walking any distance.
    My suggestion to you what you can and no more..Dont let people tell you, if you just lay around you will just get weaker.You are laying around becuase you have extreme fatigue, and have an illness.
    I had Drs tell me to take more pain pills so i could exercise..what a stupid thing to say.
    Its very good to keep a diary, and keep records of all medications you are taking and have stopped and why you stopped.You will look back on these records someday.
    Be your own Dr and just dont push it..Take it a day at a time and you may find that you will regain some strength..

    Good luck
  8. Ridge-Runner

    Ridge-Runner New Member

    Thanks for all the nice greatings and words of encouragement. Its good to get some support from people who understand.

    Im so tired of the blank stares, when you try to tell someone whats wrong with you.

    Thanks Again,
  9. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    Yes - you have found a group that understands and cares!

    You and I have much in common. We are just about the same age, married around the same lenght of time, and have 3 children (although mine are younger).

    I have had cfids for almost 2 1/2 years now, and continue to learn more each day. I have already learned (and have gotten good support) through this forum.

    I want to reiterate Rick's suggestion of keeping records and journals. I have begun doing this in the last month, recording severity of symptoms daily along with my activity and rest. I'm trying to see patterns and do what I can to help myself. It also helps me to feel a little more in control of my situation.

    Best of luck, and again, welcome.