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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjsmommy, Oct 11, 2005.

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    Hey everyone! I found this board a while back but never really had a chance to post. My name is Megan and I was diagnosed with Fibro last Sept. Its amazing that's its been a year already. Its been quite a year as well, with ups and downs and a major step back during the summer. I'm taking Nortriptylene, Klonopin and Imitrex (as needed) to deal with the fibro. My dr is awesome and I without his help I don't know how I would make it thru the days. He was the only one that believed me all those years before my diagnosis that the pain and aches I had were really there. I went to specialist after specialist and was repeatedly told that "nothing is wrong with you". Yet my dr. continued to believe me despite that. So last year when I got slammed with ALL my symptoms at once, I started thinking hey, maybe there is one thing causing all of this and did some research before my next dr. appt. I showed him what I'd found out and he immediately did the physical exam and did diagnos it as Fibro and got me on my meds.

    My biggest issue is driving..its getting better but I struggle. And some days its hard enough to get out of bed let alone care for my 3 1/2 year old son and all the housework. I'm doing better, but still not getting the exercise in that I'm supposed to. Does anyone else struggle with this?? I know I'm supposed to do, but physically can't. Another question..does anyone else feel pain just underneath the skin, say if you get just playful swat from somebody?? My son does this and it hurts like the dickens when it really shouldn't.

    I hope to get to know you all better.
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    You're definitely one of us! Exercise is very important, but like you, How!! It's too painful. There is enough pain without causing more yourself!(at least that is my whine at the moment)!! I get the pain you mention without anyone touching me. It's part of the lovely package!! Good luck.

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    It is so good to know its not just me with that pain just under the skin, for lack of a better way to say it. My husband has taken to telling our son that "Mama's fragile and you can't play with Mama the way you play with Daddy". Oh my...okay well, the last part is true..but do I have to be "fragile" LOLOL. I do try to pace myself but sometimes I don't do a good job and I end up paying for it for days. My husband doesn't quite get it.
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    Wow. My dr. wants me to walk to start 30 minutes a day and then up to 45 minutes. That's pretty manageable and I don't try to do anything more than that because I know I can't.
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    Nice to met you. I read your post the other day and just haven't had time to respond yet. (I don't think I did anyway???hehe...bad fog tonite) Anyhoo...just wanted to say hi from a fellow toddler mom. My son just turned 2 and I am having a very difficult time lately. I still work full time on 3rd shift, then go home and take care of son/housework until nap time at 2pm...can you say tired!!! Tonite is very bad...I just am so wanting to put my head down for just a few minutes. I too have probs with driving, hurts and often get confused but I am aware and use lots of precaustions. And yes I too have the pain under the skin...can hardly stand to be touched by anybody or anything. Hubby wrestles a lot with our son and he just can't understand why he can't do it with mommy too.

    Hope to talk to you soon

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    welcome aboard. sorry you have fibro,(sorry we all have it) but this board is great. yes it is painful when someone just taps you and it makes me feel like a whinner when I say dont do that!exercise if you are having a good day and can do it otherwise looking after a little one is demanding enough. I just pace myself and do what I can. thke care ~hugs~ peggy