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    I am new here and I have not been diagnosed with FMS. For the last few years I have developed alot of the FMS symptoms. When I mentioned FMS to my doc about a year ago he didn't seem to say anything, so I just dropped it. But I am getting more tired and more lazy. I just want to feel better. So I found this board.

    Sorry this might be a little long.

    I also found a Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Center in Philly that I made an appoitment. It is out of network, but I could get some money reimbursed via my insurance. I'm not really concerned about the money, just want to see if in fact I do have FMS. My husband doesn't understand why I have to go to the center and not to my doctor first. He said that I should stop researching everything and go to him first. I said that although I like my doctor I don't think he really understand FMS and that this center will. I said it was my body and I think this is best. I just want to know whether I have it or not. My husband is not very supportive and I don't know how to explain it to him. I guess what if I don't have FMS, I'll feel stupid.

    My symptoms are:
    TMJ, symptoms of IBS, Memory and concentration troubles, aches kind of like I excersised a bit and once in a while will feel like I have a bad case of the flu without the fever, I have sinus and allergies, asthma, hypothyroid (been taking synthroid and my TSH levels have been on the low end the last 2 years), headaches, just had a sleep study and need to go for a CPAP - I possible have UARS (Sleeping breathing disorder, similar to sleep apnea) and I have a hard time getting up in the morning. There are so many sypmtoms, it's hard to think of them all.

    I guess one of my questions is does the pain of FMS vary from person to person? Does it start as just an ache and then get worse or does it just depend? I see alot of people have to use canes and can't work. I can work, I'm a secretary and just sit on my butt all day. I do find it hard to concentrate and read. I get really tired when I start to read. I try to read aobut FMS, but I loose focus after awhile and have to take a break. I just can't focus. After awhile at work my neck and back ach by the end of the day. Under my desk I have a heater and sometimes I turn it on because I am colder than others in the office and it helps with my legs a little when they ach. All in all I can do everyday things, I just feel lazy and achy. I just in general feel unwell.

    I came here to see if anyone else has been through this with family members and doctors, etc.

    Thanks for letting me vent.
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    I'm glad you found this board. After a bit, you'll notice that, while most of us can empathize with others, we all have our personal levels and experiences with pain and/or fatigue.

    Since being on Valtrex, I am not experiencing FM pain anymore (mine was minor anyway, next to the fatigue). Mine was a burning, stretching feeling, and a beaten-with-a-baseball-bat feeling.

    As for your husband and his faith in your local doctor -- that's fine for a lot of people. But *you* need someone who is knowledgeable about the current state of affairs in CFIDS/FM research and treatment. There are so many potential problems that might need addressing. As I know from years of experience, it takes a lot of work to uncover someone who has some type of protocol to look at all of the variables that may be contributing to your feeling of being unwell.

    And if your local doc was one of these people, he'd have picked up on your problems a heck of a lot sooner.

    You are going down a better path. Just try to keep educating your husband.
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    So am I, but already find this MB helpful.

    I think every doctor I've seen over the years has either been patronising or acted as if I was mad, even though I am a psych counselor and know when something is imagined or not!

    If you sit a lot, do you have a really good secretary chair and use an ortho cushion? This may help. I use those Thera heat pads(the ones that warm up for 10 hrs then you discard them)-they are expensive at about $2.00 each, but worth it on really bad days.

    In the UK we have a saying "misery loves company" and I think in our case, it really actually helps to know we are not alone in our suffering.

    Although men get this disease, because mostly it is women, I do think men have a hard time understanding, although my guy is brilliant, gives me massages etc. The shiatsu massager (around $34 at Eckerds) I love, as I can hold it and run it down my thighs and calves as well as the back. It's the one with two massaging "fingers".

    Philly should have some good cover. We moved from NJ and insurance covered PA as well as NY.
    Feel better. Cromwell

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    Thank you all who responded. It made me feel less of a crazy person, like this is all in my head. After reading, even I believe the FFC is a good place to go. It could be years before I ever figure out why I feel so bad.

    I'll keep reading and posting. Thanks so much