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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Amber24, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Amber24

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    My name is Amber and I am new here to this site. I have fibromyalgia and in alot of pain sometimes but I need to some info about social security disabilty. I know that I have to prepare myself for it but has anyone here had or is having trouble getting on it?? right now I am experiencing a bad headache as usual but I have all the symptoms that i know of.. I would greatly appreciate some help... Amber
  2. leubie

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    Amber--Hey I am fairly new here as well-sorry you are not feeling well. I am not sure about disability--as I am still working now(although its getting harder) But ther are alot of very informative people here that are oh so willing to help--Im sure they will reply--in the mean time ther are alot of past post that might help you. Please let me know how your search goes--GOOD LUCK--LOVE TO ALL --LAURA
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    welcome to the board...

    up to the left of the screen under search put in social security there should be lot's of info...

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    Hi Amber;
    Not sure about SSDI. It is different everyone. I was approved first time around which was a miracle and I thank God for it. I had worked all my life...some times two jobs! The only advice I can give is to make sure your doctor writes a good letter. Actually, if you write your own letter your doctor can use your letter for help in writing a letter as well. Get letters from as many doctors that have seen you.

    Actually, the main reason I was approved for SSDI so quickly is for the mental health issues I've been dealing with for the last 15+ years. I suffer from bipolar disorder as well. You should try to make it through a manic phase when you're in a fibro flare up. lol of luck
  5. Amber24

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    Hi and thank you for the info I will definately use it and I am still doing research on it. Yea Ive heard about where they turn you down for the first time if you are not well prepared for it. Well I will ask as much questions but right now I am having a bad headache and had it since yesterday but i have all the blinds closed and no lights on cause it hurts worse if i turn on my desk lamp or any light in the house.. but i will look that up.. Amber
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    I'm sorry you need to join a board for FM, but it is really good you found this one. Seems like others have talked about SSD, and as I have no info on this, I will pass.

    Just wanted to welcome you. Hope you post often and read lots. So much info and encouragement.

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    Welcome to the boards. I'm new here too -- just a few weeks. I've found some very helpful folks here and friendly too! I'm on SSD. Usually you're turned down the first time (second time too sometimes). It's usually best if you hire an attorney (he/she will get a percentage of what SS gives you in lump sum). Make sure it's someone who specializes in SSD. Good luck!
  8. rockgor

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    The other posters are right. Your odds of being approved go up about 200% if you have an attorney. The Soc. Sec. Admin. does not give out benefits w/o a struggle.

    Good luck.