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    Hi everyone, I am new here and having lots of pain and can't sleep. The pain meds are not working to well. My problem now is my right leg and my thigh...the pain goes right through me and sometimes so bad I feel like passing out. It comes and goes and it takes eveything inside me to get through each pain cycle. Right now is just a bad time and I thank you for letting me vent. Thank God it is not always like this. I will keep all of you in my prayers and I can't wait till spring.

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    Have you had your back checked out to see if that may be causing your let pain? I have facet syndrome in my lumbar spine and osteo arthur and they cause me a lot of leg pain. My doc added lidoderm patches to my arsenol yesterday to try to get my back/leg pain under control. Just a thought for you.

    I'm in Ohio and I'm ready for spring too! Two weeks til I plant my green onions and I can't wait.

    If you get a chance you might want to fill out your profile so we get to know a little about you....

    A big welcome to you!
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    Hi Lillyrose -

    Welcome. This is my favorite board out of all the FM ones I've been to. Hope you enjoy it.

    I'm sorry to hear that you are in so much pain. I've shared in other posts that my husband was temporarily paralyzed from severe back pain, in hospitals and rehabs for a week befoe he could walk again.

    Leg pain shooting down the leg from the back and via the butt could result from compression of your sciatic nerve - sciatica.

    You should be evaluated by your doc to be sure that this is the case and that there is no significant compromise to your lumbar spine. Also, the doctor should help you with better pain management.

    If you get the "nothing else I can do" song, ask for a referral to a pain clinic. There are some nifty pain management things that they can do now (at least they are being done here in the Boston area) - injecting directly into the site for "mini-epidurals", they can get you the patches, etc.

    That being said, I have found that chiropractic care can make a world of difference as well. The nerves get "unpinched". Acupuncture can also help.

    Then, I beleive the key is targeted exercises for that area to build up the muscle support strength - otherwise the same nerve tends to get pinched over and over and over again.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Mme. Curie
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    Not well enough to reply except to say welcome and we will meet again I am sure,.

    Love Anne C
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    Welcome to the group. So sorry about your pain and sleep problems. Just keep letting the doctor know of the problems you are having, they may have to try something else and see if that helps you more.

    Hope you get some good answers, there are a lot of good and informative people on here. You will learn alot

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    Hi to all that replied and thanks for the help and support.
    I was having a real bad night but feeling some better today. I do have back problems and have seen a doctor about it and I fell last summer and tore my hamstring and hurt my knee and was in therapy for 12 weeks. I am on meds but right now I can't take them because I have gallbladder disease and I am having it taken out in two weeks so, no meds for pain but tylenol and that doesn't help. Thanks again and you all take care.

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    Welcome to the board. I hope that you can find some answers here that will help you. I read some of the other post sent to you and each have good ideas. It appears to me that most of us suffer in different degrees of leg & feet pain. At times mine has been unbearable but the degree of pain seems to cycle. The massage(with someone knowledgeable)is a great idea. It helps me tremendously. But if one is not available at the moment, buy Epsom salts or sea salts & add them to your bath water. There are lots of post on the board for baths, detox baths, leg pain, etc. Type some of those type of words into the search at the top of the page and you will find some help. Best of luck in finding relief for your pain and again welcome.
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    Is it shooting pain down your leg? It sounds like sciatica which is really painful.

    Just trying to help. I hope you find relief soon. Does moist heat help it?

    Try some moist heat. And like Prickles said, magnesium seems to help a lot of us.

    Hang in there and hope we can help you.

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    You hang in there girl.It does get better.

    Glad to see you join us.Just jump on in anywhere.

    I will pray for you too.I pray for my friends on this board alot.

    How long have you had fm by the way?

  10. lillyrose33

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    Thanks again to all of you that have responded to me.
    You all have given me some good advice.
    Yes, I do have siactia and excuse the pun but it is a pain in the butt. The pain is not so severe tonight and I am hoping I will be able to get aleast a few hours sleep.
    My husband makes hot pads for me in the microwave and they help me so much. My daughter got me these heat pads made with corn kernnels in them and you heat them in the microwave. She got me all sizes so they fit where I need the I can take them with me.
    Well, thanks again to everyone and you are all in my prayers.

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    I tried to fill out my profile and it want let me...says there is some kind of error?

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    I'm sure you have already found lots of information and read many encouraging words. This board is such a help and support... especially when you feel at your wits end with FM or CFS!

    You did not state which of the two diseases you have. Or do you have a combination of FM and CFS and or other auto-immune disease??

    Well whatever, I hope you find a warm welcome and lots of friends here to support and encourage you!

    Soft hugs and blessings to you... CarolK
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    I have Fibro and CFS.

    Hugs right back at ya.
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    There is a good post currently running here asking the question....


    Just curious... what where your first signs and when did they first start appearing?

    Like I said in the other post... my first recollection of pain was when I was a child and I was told that the horrible aching pains in my legs were just "growing pains"!

    I remember crying myself to sleep cause my legs hurt so bad. I also had one sore throat after another with infected tonsiles... until at the are of 21 I had my tonsils removed. That slowed down the sore throats... but I continued to get them.

    Then in my 40's I started to get a lot of headaches.. which I thought were hormonal in nature. Then in the early 90's when I thought I was starting into menopause I had all kinds of strange pains, constant headaches lasting weeks at a time. I started hormone replacement therepy.. and that helped a little. But still lots of aches and pains.

    Anyway, after getting Polymyalgia Rheumatica and going on a year of steroids to bring down my SED rate... I got over PMR... then came the diagnosis of FM/CFS after long periods of fatigue added to the pain.

    Just thought I'd share a little of my background. If you get the chance post here or on the other post that asks the question about when you first noticed signs of FM/CFS.

    By the way... the only true hope I have for this darn disease does not lie in doctors, medicines or therepies... my true and only hope is in Jesus! Without Him I just don't know what I would do!!!!!

    Blessings to you Cathy/Lillyrose33...... CarolK
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    i wished i could pass out at times so i wouldn't feel the pain...

    welcome to ou