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    I am relieved to find this site.That past few yrs I have been schuffled from Orthos to neuros.Seen by neurosurgeons,spine specialists and orthopedicsurgeons as well as a M.S specialist.
    Then at last a Rheumy specialist diagnosed me with fibromyalgia,and spinal arthritis.Also RLS and possible knee arthritis.
    Next visit I am to bring my xray reports etc...I tested positive for Hlab27 genetic antigen.This gene increases your risk for ankylosing spondylitis etc...
    Does anyone else have arthritis as well as fibro?Gosh one or the other is bad enough....I know!
    I have two new meds Reqip and lyrica.They seem to be helping thus far.Look forward to getting to know all of you,Jane
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    Glad you're here! I've learn so much from this broad in the short time I've been here. I know you'll love the people here.

    I've got fibro but no arthritis. My sister has fibro, RA and OA. I feel so badly for her. As you said just having one of this pain problems is more than enough for anyone to handle.

    I hope you get good medical help, and I hope you enjoy this wonderful board.

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    Hello everyone,
    I'am new here and I was just reading Jane's message and thought I would reply.I'am a 44 yr's old just diagnosed with FM,CFS,Sleep apnea,OA of both knees and Spinal Stenosis and several herniated disc in lower spine.I was glad to find this site it has alot of great information.

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    I am new here too and I must say, you have come to the right place. Everyone here is very understanding and always has advise and kind words to say. You will be amazed about how knowledgeable the people are here and if you need a question answer, well you have all the right people here to ask!

    Welcome Again, and God Bless you!!