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    Hello my name is Tammy and I have had fibro for three years. I also have a pituitary tumor with is making my adrenals and my thyroid not to work. Pain is a constant and I am just really depressed. I am sick of being is pain. I tried lyrica and that did not work. I am on the fentyal patch 75 mcg and that is working somewhat. I was wondering is anyone ever went to a pain MD and was given a pump for pain and if it worked.

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    I am seriously considering going to a pain doc. I'm just afraid..he or she will steer me into chiropracting or physical therapy. (happened before) not with a pain doc though. But THAT pump is a good idea. I tried the patch but had a serious allergic reaction. YOu really should try the pump or inquire about it! I need super strength pain relief right now. Going to go smoke up. That's all I have.

    Keep on writing! Let me know how you make out with everything or if you just wanna say something. we are all reading! Too bad we all didn't live near each other. GOD..I'm in pain right now!!!!!!!!!!


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    Welcome to the board!! You will find lots of support here.

    Lyrica did not work for me and had devestating side effects. A lot of people have had to quit because of the side effects, however for some people, it has brought them great relief.

    You might want to do a search for Lyrica. Search is located at the top left of this board.

    Again Welcome.

    Take care.

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    Welcome to the board here!!

    If you could re-title your post, there are some wonderful women who've had pituitary tumors like you who might very well be able to help you.


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    I understand about the Lyrica. When I first started taking it, it seemed to help a small bit, but then it stopped. And I gained 14 pounds on it. So the doctor put me back on Neurontin. I think I may have to try finding a pain doctor because neither my GP or my Rheumatologist seem to want to do any more for me. Our local pain clinic takes great pride in telling people that "we don't give narcotics!"

    I need to know how to go about getting something else done for me too and I've often wondered about these pumps for pain. I was given a PCA in the hospital after my back surgery and it helped beautifully. The doctor had them put Dilaudid in it. A person shouldn't have to break their back to get a bit of pain relief prescribed for them! I'm glad you at least got the patch. I'm not sure how the pumps do when you're ambulatory.


    Oh.......I've tried chiropractic, and PT. It didn't work for me.[This Message was Edited on 06/11/2008]