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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wordwarrior, Jul 21, 2008.

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    I am new here - looking for a place where others have experience and understand FM. I don't want to hurl my problems/questions at family and friends - this is an obviously misunderstood and virtually unheard of disorder in many circles.

    Probably, like most of you, I have been in pain for as long as I can remember. I sought medical help after I left my abusive husband in 2000. Been to Chiropractors, Orthopediacs, Internists, Neurologists, and finally two months ago a well respected Rheumatologist. He finally diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. I also have IBS, TMJ, had 1/2 my thyroid out last year (underactive/hashimoto's disease), massive migraines, bad sleeping problems, tired all the time, etc. Been tested for everything known to mankind. Basically, I'm a mess.

    I am also an over achiever, 45 year old BA student at night (last two classes - algebra - yuck!), full time worker, mom, and remarried. I am in and out of court with my ex-abusive husband because he is not happy unless he is making my life a misery.

    Right now the Rheumatologist has me on cyclobenzaprine (not sure of the spelling but take it at night and is helping with the sleep a bit) and ultracet (pretty worthless on pain). I take firocet for the migraines - been on a million other things - it is the only thing that takes any of the pain away. My pain throughout the body has gotten worse over the past 5 years. I was once athletic, able to go on two hours sleep and juggle school/work/kids/dating/pushing legislation through for victims of DV/dealing with the ex/driving back and forth to my real house 4 hours away every other weekend in NYS/Working in NJ (yuck)/and writing in my spare time - now I still try to do it all (except dating - I re-married a great guy!), but it is killing me. I can't STAND the idea that anything slowing me down - but FM is like kryptonite to me.

    Any suggestions? How do you deal with life as an FM-er? What meds work for you? ARGHHHH - Feel like crap today.

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    I saw your post had gone to the second page without any response, and wanted to just say welcome, and I am sure we will become better acquainted over time.

    FM can really do you in, can't it? I congratulate you for continuing your education in spite of it; it may be only a matter of time now before some of the mysteries are explained more scientifically.

    Mostly, I wanted to just remind you to try somehow (with all your drive and ambition) to pace yourself carefully; plan out the day so you get periods of rest (sleep, if you can) to refresh yourself and help with pain.

    Hoping you get a lot of info from this site, and maybe learn a trick or two that will help you feel better...

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    A warm welcome wordwarrior.

    You are one busy lady ~ I too would recommend some pacing or resting times that you can relax . I'm learning the hard way. Smile

    I am 43 and have kids and a husband and I'm working on delegating so Mom (that's me) doesn 't have to do it all since I can't anymore. But I still miss the old normal me.

    I 've had headaches and migraines for a very long time , recently diagnosed with FM but I have had pain every day since mid April.
    I'm taking elavil ~ just upped my dose to 75mg over a week ago. I did try cymbalta but it made my stomach burn so I wasn't able to take that. I take tramdol on my bad days and or even on a good day gone bad and it at least makes things bareable so I can make it through a day.

    Susan :)
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    Hi -

    Thanks for the welcome - I am trying to consolidate things but it is tough. I am sure I'll be back with lots of questions for all of you!


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