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    Hello everyone just found this site, I have dealing with fibro and severe cts,hypothyroidism, memory/concentration problems,ibs, cfs, daily headaches. for 5 years now and it not getting better its getting worse, I lose my thoughts when i'm talking to someone or I just dont any sense whats so ever, I forget how to get somewhere that i have been tons of times or forget appt's and stuff like that , the pain on the scale is always a 6 with medicine and when i have a bad flair even being on med's it gets up to 8-9. My cts is so severe my hands are in constant pain and are always numb my muscle in my hand under thumb is wasting awaty. I have 3 small kids and its hard to take care of them my oldest child is 9 and she does alot for me and its heartbreaking cause i'm supposed to be the mom, i have applied for disability and have a hearing in sept of this year.
    Does anyone have bouts of anger? I get this anger spells and will scream for no reason at all even over the littlest hubby thinks i'm nuts which i tell him i'm not its everything i'm going through which he doesn't understand.
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    A warm welcome to you! :) We are glad you are here. Sorry you are having troubles .

    This is a wonderful sight with lots of information and caring people.

    Gentle hugs, Susan
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    Hello and welcome! You'll find a lot of support and great information here.

    I think some bouts of anger may be normal - of course how it is displayed may differ. This is hard to deal with sometimes and is very frustrating trying to handle every single day. When I'm not being heard, I have a tendency to get more upset - I find it's usually my own frustration and not really what the other person has or hasn't done.

    As far as being a Mom goes, it sounds like you're doing the best you can - like we all are. Your daughter will learn lots of invaluable responsibility. Be careful of taking on too much guilt. That's a killer - at least for me, that's one of the hardest things to deal with. As long as you are still Mom is other ways, I'm sure your daughter will be just fine. Can she sit on the couch with you for some cuddling and mother-daughter talk? To me, there are just tons of ways to show that you're still the same loving Mom as you always wanted to be. I know, it's hard, been there, am there. I find little ways to connect with my kids. Yes I wish I was out there more with them. It absolutely KILLS me when my son brings friends over and they see me laying on the couch....again. YUCK, I can't stand it.

    Do you have good pain medication? It sounds like you're at least fortunate enough to have access to some relief (some people don't)
    How about support? do you have a good support system? a good doctor?

    We're here for you!
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    I have a good doctor finally I have seen soo many dr's that have told me that i was a waster of their time and not to come back which made me feel horrible and crying, until i found this rheumatologist near my home that beleives me and its refreshing, she has me on lyrica, flexeril, synthyoid and estratest since i had to have a tah/bso 4 yrs ago. but the disease is getting worse i'm in pain everyday,
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    that you arent well.
    but thankful you are here with us.
    it is nice to be with others who treat you like you are a real person.
    this is a place where you will feel like youve
    been here for a long time caus it is 'homey'...:)