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    Hi, I´m new here. My doctor just told me last week that I most likely have FM. My symptoms up to this point have mostly been muscle and joint pain, headaics and fatique. When I´m at my worst I still function at work but thats about it.
    I´ve been reading the posts and was wondering, how many of you are not working? Is it only because of the FM or are there other factors?
    I´m just wondering about all this because your stories all sound much more "dramatic" than mine... I´m thinking if this is going to get so much worse for me or if I could have a milder form of FM...
    (english is not my native language, I hope I got it right :p)
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    I have CFS, not FM, so I cannot really reply authoritatively. However, my sister-in-law has FM and was really almost bed-ridden for a year after a traffic accident. Now she is back to working, and does water aerobics. (She used to be an aerobic instructor and cannot return to that.)

    If this post doesn't get you answers, you might try posting with "Is there mild form of FM?". Also your age may be a factor so you may want to fill in your profile. My sister-in-law was in her 40's.

    I get the impression that those of us who have been hit more severly are the majority on this board. It is aimed at treatment, so there is a lot of information on that, both Western Medicine (prescriptions) and alternative treatments.

    I think your English is fine by the way.
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    I have had FM for almost 10 years. I have always worked. I fear the day that I cannot. My FM cycles. I go from severe flares to pretty ok.

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    Hello and welcome! I've had FM/CFS for most of my life and I'm now 47. IMO, FM can wax and wane so some days you are sicker than others.

    Also, your genetic pain tolerance is a big factor. For example, I have a high pain tolerance, and don't think a root canal is painful while others find it immensely painful. I'll read the reason why a poster quit working as they could no longer stand such-and-such a symptom but I've worked with the same symptom for 20 years and don't think it's a big deal. Which makes me the luckier one as having a low pain tolerance would be brutal.

    PS, your English is great!
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    Welcome to the board, I too have what I consider to be a mild case of FM. Mild until I am in a flare then I hurt all over and want to do nothing but sleep. I also beleive that as I get older it will get worse. I work about 35 hours a week as a collection officer, so I am at a desk all the time, the good part about that is I dont move around alot during the day. But the brain fog part of it is horrible when I am busy and have to be on the phone all day. My brain fog happens when I havent slept well or if I am in pain. This is not to say I dont have some type of pain everyday I alway hurt near my tailbone and hip bones and some days are hard to walk so I go about it really slowly. When I am in a flare my entire torso hurts. Good luck and hope you enjoy it here I know I do.

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    Welcome! Sorry you were diagnosed with FM, but it doesn't have to be a totally bad thing! I've tried as many meds as possible for pain, and found what works for me. I can't work due to not knowing from day to day how I'm going to feel-especially in winter. If I work it's very part-time, doing something I love.(floral design, free-lance). I get to the point where I'm so tired and achy I can't concentrate enough to be imaginative.
    I am 48 and have had FM for at least 10 years, and it has gotten worse in my case, but I have a rod in my spine and arthritus in my back so that doesn't help. You may be "lucky" and not get worse.
    I hope you can read as much as possible about FM, educate yourself because many doctors know less than I do about it!
    Also, keep up in this site, because we're all sharing ideas, frustrations, friendships, etc. and it helps.
    I wish you good-luck and freedom from pain!