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    I have two years or so ago been diagnosed with MCI. This seemed to begin more or less about the time we had a problem in our church that was very traumatic for me. I didn't go back to church( been there for 20 years) for two years. Started back about the time a new pastor came. He had been there before and we thought he had matured so much in the seven years he'd been away. After only seven months of commuting and being helped tremendously he told us he was not to be trusted, had too many problems, anger, lying,etc. Nevertheless he wanted to remain another three months before resigning due to the fact his wife would graduate cllege and would be able to get a job. A long story short the church had to go through a terrible event to get him out of the pulpit immediately and pay him the tthree months pay. No contract just an answer. Now I am back where I started two years ago. Devastated. I can't bear the idea of returning to church. I have to say in 20 years we have been through many things with pastors who were not what they seemed to be. HELP!!!!

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    Welcome to the board. This is a great place to get support and receive prayer. I am so sorry for all that you are going through. It really hurts when we have been betrayed by the leadership of the church. First I think it is ok to take a break from the church for a little and let your emotions calm down.
    Second you need to think about why you go to church and is this the church that you are supposed to be in. If you go to church to worship God and you feel this is the church where you belong then you should stay. But you must forgive him and his family and whoever else that was involved. If you don't it will keep eating at you. If you feel it is time to move on, forgive him and his family and whoever else and go to another church where your needs are being met and you can be a blessing to others. Either way this is a process and it doesn't happen overnight. Ask God to help you deal with the anger, pain, frustration and betrayal He will. Do you have a support system to help you through this? Father I just ask that You give this lady peace in the midst of her situation. Please take away the pain disappointment, anger and frustration she is feeling right now. Please show her how much you love her and please show her what to do in this situation. Please bring some people to come along side her and who will support her through this. Amen.
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    I really appreciate your praying for me. I know only God can heal the hurt I feel. I don't know if I need to go to another church. I really want to but my husband is a deacon in this one. It really makes it tough. He feels he needs to probably "keep on keeping on". I really would like to go to another denomination. Thanks anyway caring. Keep me in your prayers. Pat
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    I do not attend church any more, but you will see my name here frequently on the worship board in prayer for others.
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    Welcome to the worship board!

    I am joining in prayer with those who are lifting your situation up to God. I pray that you will find an answer to your needs, and your situation.

    I hope you find support, and spiritual comfort here also!

    Love, Judy