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    Hi all, I'm new to the boards and found this one. I am trying to find my way to God and Jesus. I've had horrible depression for about two months now and about a month ago I had the urge to stop and buy a NIV bible. (I've never been a church going person) I have been reading it almost daily and do find comfort in it.
    I am believe that God is trying to help me get myself together and back on track, so I am hanging in there and moving forward.
    Hope to talk to you all.
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    Hi Suzy. Welcome. This is a great place to find love and support and ask questions. It is so great to know that we are not alone and that others are supporting us through our illnesses. You have taken the first step to get back to God.
    Father I ask that as Suzy reads Your Word that You will reveal Yourself to her in a very personal way and that you will comfort her in this season in her life. Please show her how much You love her just for who she is and that she is so precious to You and others. Thank you in Jesus Name Amen. Please let us know what we can do to help encourage you on your journey.
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    We are an interesting combination of folk, but we have the disease of either FM or CFS in common. We offer up prayers each time you post. Please know there are many people who do read your post, but have not the strength to reply.

    Also, you may ask for prayer each week. We have prayer night on Thursday, the concept we all try and pray the same night. You will find a post written in Capital letters, with the date for the next Thursday. This means you can write there each week.

    Sounds like you could use a little hug.. ((((suzy))))
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    Thank you all! Today is a good day. I asked the Lord a few weeks ago to please help me find a part time job that could work with the hours I need..pretty much day time only, no evenings....and He DID!!!! It is such a relief to me! I have been thanking Him all afternoon. LOL
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    You have blessed my heart today! Another sister in God's loving family.

    I know you are seeking the way to go. Jesus says" I am the way, the truth and the light, who so ever believe in ME shall not parish but have everlasting life.

    That is All there is to it, just believing. And you said you do "believe".

    Many members here deal with depression and so have I and still do on occasion.

    It is a sickness that wants to steal our lives away. It always makes us feel so overwelmed.

    But that is the BIG LIE of depression.

    Best advice for you new sis is.....make a list of top 3 0r 5 or 10 etc...items that bother you most.

    Post that list for us to pray over and put it on Thru. night's Prayer List.

    I think you will see the power of pray is an amazing thing.I know I see it every week.

    You have found friends and a family here in this group. You are accepted and loved by Jesus and all of us without question.

    Read some of the old posts and you will find your spirit uplifted and incouraged.

    I will pray for now and will continue. Once again I'm am soooooooooo happy you found your way here.

    In Gods endless love, De

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    Welcome to the board. I am fairly new here also but am feeling very much loved already from all the warm and caring people on here. I am so happy that you got a Bible. The Lord is definitely calling you for sure. Those impulses or no coincidence. I remember reading John to start out with many years ago when I accepted Jesus as my savior. The words just turned my life completely upside down in a good way if you know what I mean. I will be praying for you.

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    I wanted to say hello and welcome. I have an NIV bible also, I love it. I also have one that has the KJV (King James Version) on one side of the page and NIV on the other. It's my favorite bible because that way I can compare. If I don't understand something in one I can check the other to see if it makes more sense.

    I feel that God knows exactly what will draw a person to him and it can be different for each person. I ran from people who start throwing end of days sermons at me or hell fire and dammation stuff. I had to come to him through his love for me as a daughter. The rest comes to me as God directs it and leads me. I don't know if that makes any sense to anyone but me, but I feel that we grow from Glory to Glory as Joyce Meyers preaches. I can understand that because in everything in our lives we had to learn and grow to it.

    You don't have to look far to find God, he's a prayer away. He will never leave you. He doesn't leave us, we leave him or pull away from him sometimes, but he never leaves us and is always ready to be there for us.

    You're hungry for the knowledge of God and I pray that you continue to be hungry and searching. In God's love.
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    Hi Suzy

    I feel so bad I did not see your post before this

    I am so glad you found this board

    There are soooo many nice people on here, that are very spirit filled and loving people, I am sure you have come to the right spot.

    I will pray for you , I hope that you will be feeling better and that you will get stronger in knowing we are praying with you and God is with you

    God Bless you


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    You can always depend on God.Linda