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    Hi everybody - I've been on the FM board for about three years...but I'm new here :) My profile gives my "life story" :) but, basically, I'm a Christian wife and mom; my husband and I have six sons, from 11 down to 3. I've been really ill since the middle of 2003. This whole health thing has been quite a journey :)

    Anyway, this seems like a very supportive board, and I just want to introduce myself before jumping in.

    I do have one prayer request to mention, though. After dealing with chronic pain for many years, and trying just about everything with no success, I'm having the "pain pump" (I think the official name is an intrathecal drug delivery system...) put in in two weeks. I'm PRAYING that this gives me some reduction in this horrendous pain of mine. The goal is just to regain some bit of being functional for my kids.

    Thanks in advance, and look forward to being on this board more... --Tina
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    Glad to meet you. Yes, this is a very supportive board with many people who really care. We do have a Thursday night prayer meeting and there is a thread posted for each Thursday's prayer requests. That is a good place to post and of course we have individual prayer requests often as many things come up in the week that need attention.

    Probably what ever you have dealt with, someone on the board can relate so that is nice to know that people really understand and are supportive.

    I sure hope your pain pump works for you.

    It is way past my bedtime so I will sign off. Looking forwarding to getting to know another sister in the Lord.

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    You have come to the right place. There is a lot of love and support here. You will be pleased with the pump. It may take a bit to get the dose reg. but once they do it will be great. Just have a little patience. So Father please bring peace to Tina right now. Please help her to know that You have her in the palm of Your hand and that she is safe in You. Please in Jesus name bring her relief from this pain that she is in. Thank you in Jesus Name.
  4. Asatrump

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    Welcome. These diseases are a strange way to bring people together. Sometimes I call it the sorority of pain. But out of the bad , you will find good. You will find people who help you though you never meet them.

    So, welcome in advance. Join in and reply when you can, and when you can't that is perfectly ok too. With six boys, (yikes was that number correct? , I saw only two in your profile) I assume you have little time for yourself let alone to reply to posts.

    I always used to joke about there being a special cloud for anybody who had more than two kids. You hit the jackpot.

    Gonna make you smile Tina dear. I used to breed and show shih tzu dogs. I had a family put a deposit on a puppy as it was too young to leave, but I took a photo with those old instamatic cameras. They showed it to the people next door who decided they also wanted one.

    The next day I got a call from the neighbor saying she definitely wanted a puppy too, but it HAD to be female. I said to her I have only one puppy left and it is male.

    She said to me: it figures, I have six sons and can't even BUY a female. I always grinned at that.

    As I recall that particular litter, I broke all my own rules. Puppies were not to go on Christmas day, too much confusion for me giving baths and having kids of my own, and not the right atomosphere to put a small pup in.

    Several days before Christmas mom of 6 phoned and pleaded with me to let them have the pups on Dec. 26. When she told me the reason, I did the right thing. Seems the first family who had come had lost an 18 year old boy to drowning just months before.

    Yes, on Christmas morning after our family exchanging gifts, I bathed the two puppies and the new families came to claim them.

    I had a lovely follow up call about a week later. The family that had lost the child was torn and broken. The father found it hard to identify or join with the rest of his family and he never smiled.

    But they found him on the floor playing with the little thing through the bars of it's crate. The mom also told me that dad accidentally stepped on the wee thing, less than two pounds, and it screeced. He thought he broke it's leg and he held it all the rest of the afternoon. He had it asleep on his chest in his recliner chair. It is safe to smile, and know that during that time, the DAD bonded most with the puppy, and it brought some lightness to a family who had suffered gravely.

    my, how wordy I am... It was your mother of 6 boys that brought that memory back. It was many years ago, but it makes me smile to recall. Welcome!
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    Nancy (bandwoman) - Thanks so much for the welcome and for telling me about the Thurs night prayer meeting. The little time that I've read through this board - you can just feel the connection between people. That's a wonderful thing - especially when you are sick. I'm glad to be here.

    Cath (caffey) - Thanks for the welcome, needed prayer and encouragement re: the pain pump. Yes, I guess it does take some time to regulate the does - I'm just praying for ANY improvement. When you are at a 9 out of 10 everyday...any relief would be so welcome. I pray it works. Thanks again.

    Asatrump...Thank you too for the welcome, but even more for making me smile AND for bringing tears to my eyes. Yes, God blessed my husband and I with six boys. I could so relate to the mom begging for a "female" dog...that's the reason our first dog a few years back was a girl! We've since given her to my best friend when we moved from CA to I now remain the only female in this house of seven MALES. But I know it's God's plan and I wouldn't trade it for the world. And the part about the healing that the little puppy brought the other family - that warmed my heart. Healing comes in the most amazing ways, again all part of God's plan. Thanks for sharing such a great story. :)

    Look forward to getting to know all of you better.
    Blessings --Tina
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    I really know what you mean about gaining some bit of life back for your children.

    I really miss all the physical activities i use to do with my three boys! Boy! and i thought i was out numbered 4 to 1.
    You have it even worse!LOL i wouldn't trade it for the world!

    Although somedays it's incredible hard to be there emotionally for them.

    Glad you found this board, it's very encouraging here.

    Asa, Loved you story, it was very heartwarming, glad you broke your rule!