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    I always had IBS and bad back last years ( age 43 ) dev Neck, knee pain and last was frozen shldr. Throw in an occasional jaw lock, uncomfortable feeling when I eat dinner, like reflux issue and occasional dizziness...especially when I speak face to face to someone. Tired of seeing docs. Do I have FM? What can I do abt it?

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    Hello Andrew~~We're so glad you found us and hope that we can be of help to you. This is a great place for support, encouragement, information, personal experience, venting, and a Board filled with compassionate, caring people.

    As FM has so many symptoms--including the one's you mentioned in your post--we cannot diagnose whether or not you have FM and/or CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). You will need to find a health care provider that is knowledgeable about FM/CFS, and test you for tender points and rule out other possible causes for your symptoms.

    People on this Board see different types of health providers such a primary physician, or rheumatologist, or other specialist. The main thing when selecting a provider or getting a referral is to make sure the provider is knowledgeable about FM, and sometimes this can be hard to find. Also, there are health providers who do not believe there is such a thing as FM--and to get hold of one of these quacks is terribly disheartening.

    Also, many of us with FM have additional ailments that are not related to FM. Such as I have FM/CFS, IBS, asthma/allergies, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and advanced degenerative disc disease. However, it all comes together to make our symptoms worse, and it seems when one flares up--they all flare up.

    You need to get a good diagnosis from a knowledgeable health care provider. And treatment for FM varies and is a series of trial & error to find what works for you. As you read posts here on the Board, you will note that different things work for different people.

    Educate yourself as much as you can about FM and research your various ailments. Feel free to ask any and all questions you have as someone will be able to offer a suggestion.

    It is a miserable way to live when your days are filled with pain, aching, mental fog, poor sleep, and an overall feeling of being unwell. Get professional help as soon as you can.

    Others will be along to welcome you and offer suggestions. I hope you will find a caring, knowledgeable provider who can give you a diagnosis and good medical care. Keep us posted on your progress. Best Wishes, Carol...
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    Thx, for taking the time. I have had 18 months of docs, I guess I just need a breather. Also, I read abt FM that we?
    have a low tolerance of pain. And, if true...was wondering if I shld deal with it better. Certainly not ignore it. But, be more tolerable and less focused on the pain.

    Be well!

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    A very warm welcome to you!!Glad to have yo posting on the board. Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time.

    Fms/Cfs are very hard to diagnose, aand it would probably be best to see a rheumatoligist. However you seem to be a pretty bright individual, and I can recommend the Library on this web site for tons of good info!!

    Second, I would read, and read and read....these posts and
    the people who have these deseases. Then all the good research you can find here.

    It took me four months of research which I documented and took to my primary Dr. She read the info, said it made
    sense to her and helped me find the right medications for me.

    After having said all that, I can say I earned the right to be heard, because I did my homework. Am now 90% pain free, and 85% better with the cronic tiredness. (The tiredness that makes you lie on the bed and pray to breathe)

    You will find very kind and gentle people here. We all have a story and a life that is unique to us, as you do too.
    Hope I can be of help to you .

    To post so that somenone as an individual gets your message, you have to specifically post to them on the board,(as you do with the topic)only use their name,from you.

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    Thanks, for the warm welcome!

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    Hi Andrew, it's catgal again. I was wondering if you were taking any medications for pain? Eighteen months of docs can be pretty frustrating especially if you haven't gotten any positive results.

    Though I was diagnosed many years ago with FM/CFS both by physicians and rheumatologists, I never received any beneficial help from them. They'd just try me on various anti-depressants and give me flexeril (which I was allergic to).

    So, I had to learn to accept my illness, educate myself all I could to help myself, and learn how to take care of myself....especially since I am my sole financial support and have had to work all my life. However, in 1993 I was forced by the FM/CFS & arthritis to quit full time work and go to working three days a week for much less money and no benefits.

    It wasn't until 2 years ago when the degenerative disc disease was diagnosed on an MRI that I was started on narcotic pain management for the back pain--which as a side effect also helped the pain and aching of the FM & arthritis. I take oxycontin for long-term pain control, percocet for breakthrough pain, soma for a muscle relaxer, bextra for an anti-inflamatory, and klonopin at night for restless leg syndrome and sleep. The klonopin really helped with the FM.

    Sometimes it is very difficult to keep working even three days a week, but I'm afraid if I stayed home that I would focus on the pain, aching, and how "unwell" I felt, and make myself feel worse. For me--it would probably make my illnesses the primary focus of my life, and I don't want to live like that. They take center stage enough during flares and on really bad days.

    Let us know how we can help you. Take care, Carol....