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    Hello to all!
    I have tons of questions, but I forget most of them so I will probably post them as I remember them. I been in denial forever, wanting it to be anything but Fibromyalgia. Just started a flare up last saturday but it has gotten progressively worse. I only used to have neck pain and headaches, but I could sleep, now I pray that I can sleep every night. Now I ache all over but it stops for a few hours then it comes back. Anyone have flare ups with change of weather? Anyone experiencing pain right now ? I also never had acne, and now at my old age LOL 30 started to get acne. anyone else? Anyone with extra wisdom to share the new person who is finally accepting her fathe ?
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    I moved with my family to a warmer, dryer climate because the cold, humidity and weather change used to make me hurt so much I'd be bedridden.

    Acne is also a symptom of FMS/CFS. I am 45 and still break out.

    Extra wisdom, take it one day at a time. Research and learn as much as you can about this. That way you will be better able to discern the best actions to take for yourself.
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    to the board. Best thing you can do is read, read, read! There's a lot of good information on this board, and I feel certain some of it will be of help to you. As far as accepting your fate, do a search above for a post on Embracing the Illness, Madwolf posted it. Acceptance doesn't mean giving up. You just have to realize your limitations and live your life accordingly, and never give up on helping yourself get better.

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    thanks for all the quick answers, I read but guess what I forget what I read all the time.
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    I'm pretty new to CFS and to the board, but I've gained so much information. I know you will feel very welcome here. Ask you questions as you think of them. If I have an answer, I'll be happy to share, but I'll probably be learning right along with you. Happy sleeping, Lendi
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    I never had acne as a teenager but when I got sick with CFS at the age of 32 I developed it. I always had a breakout. I finally had had enough after 13 years and went to the Dermatologist in November. It's actually Rosacea. He put me on medication and also some topical lotion. I have not had an outbreak except once when I didn't take my meds for 2 days. It feels so good for my face to not be broken out.
    This may not be your case at all but it's worth going to see a Dermatologist. Even if it is acne that can be treated also. I wish I had gone years ago.
    Also, welcome to the group. You will find a wealth of info here and some very knowledgeable and helpful people.