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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by angelon400ex, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. angelon400ex

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    Hi, I just found this message board and was amazed to see I am among people who truly can relate to what I am experiencing. I just recently went to the doctor thinking my fibromyalgia had developed into something more serious because I was having severe fatigue and had broken blood vessels in the bottoms of my feet. I work with children and I was falling asleep in the middle of reading stories to them. The test results show everything is "fine" and the doctor said the problems I am having are fibromyalgia related. I find it very frustrating at times but I am here to fight against this disorder that drains my quality of life! I hope I can be a friend to others and learn a lot here. Thanks, Angela
  2. mersey_ferryman51

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    Just wanted to give you a warm WELCOME!

    I've had fibro since 1989, and I, as well as all the GREAT people here, feel your pain!

    You'll find all the caring and support you need here!

    Larry G.
  3. Dara

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    this truly is a great message board. Everyone is very supportive and helpful. I remember when I found this site I was so relieved that I wasn't the only one going through all of this, and everyone here understands exactly what we are all going through. Wish my family and friends could be even half as supportive as the members of this board are.

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    I am fairly new to this board and have just been diagnosed with fibro-chronic fatigue. I am addicted to this board ! It has a wealth of info and support. take care,Amy
  5. angelon400ex

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    I know this is the most frustrating thing I think I have ever experienced. Things like my skin itching as if bugs are crawling under it, hardly being able to lift a gallon of milk without my wrist giving, stiffening in whatever position I am in for just a few moments and just being so tired I could die. However, I have survived so much in my life that I also can't just give up. I know I have to make the best of my life. It is just mind boggling to see these weird and numerous symptoms talked about by others experiencing them.
  6. selma

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    Just a short note to say HELLO and send love. Selma
  7. EllenComstock

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    Hi, Angela:

    Just wanted to say "hi" and hope that you find this message board to be as supportive and comforting as I have. I still work full-time and getting on this board during my breaks is what helps me get through some of my roughest days. I was diagnosed with endometriosis two and a half years ago and fibromyalgia last summer, although I believe I have had them most of my life. Like you, I am trying to keep fighting against this disease, but also take care of myself. Hope you will visit here often.

  8. pam_d

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    For me, the weird symptoms (muscles twitching, tingling, bug-crawly skin sensations) are the worst part of FM! And the hardest to explain to both our friends & family, & doctors. I'm glad you found this board, as others here have said, you will at least not feel alone anymore! Many of us can relate. And you'll learn a lot here, too; I've only been here 6 months & I've found out so much that I didn't know about this illness; really helps me cope.

    Hope to see you here again,
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    Sorry I can't offer you much, having a horrid day myself today. But a warm welcome to you.
  10. New Member

    Just want to say welcome to a great place...I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard have come to the right place though. I have bone loss in both my feet as well as FM and a bunch of other my heart goes out to you..