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    Hi,new to posting but not to reading. I was diganoced withthis dd in 2'01. Had to quit working 6/01. I filed for SS after my st. dis. ran out. I was turned down. Set up for a appeal but didn't fall thru with it because darling husband wanted to move out of state. We did,boy what a disater that was.And we moved back in 1/03. I use a cane to walk with or my very supportive husbands arm. When we go out he pulls up to the door and sends my youngest daughter in to get a electric cart for me and meets me at the front door. I also have a electric scotter that i can use BUT I'm woop trying to get it out of the trunk before doing anything. I am in the process of filing again. I now have a terrible bout with gout[HEY i'm a poet and didd't know it] that can't seem to ease down any. I'm on 2 diffrent meds for that plus my msds i take this dd. Fibro Fog always in the fog now had to ask darling husband what day today was 2xs before it sunk in. He does my grocery shooping Plus pharmercy.Just cant do it anymore.There are meny days thay I can't get up and get going much less get dressed. The gout is so bad in my feet and hands that I can hardley walk or brush my hair. And drive a car THATS a scarey thought when i can barley hold the sterring wheele. Depressed you bet . I was a meals on wheeles driver and at nite I delivered meds. to convelsants homes and peolle at their homes.Worked 60 to 75 hrs. a week. Went out on state disb.7/02 and haven't worked since. Tryedto go back to another job hired but couldn't get up togo just in too much pain in am's. Well enough on me for now . I will continue to keep up posting again. Thanks for reading this.
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    You said you have been reading the
    posts here for awhile, so you already know what nice people are here. I'm
    glad you finally posted. Your husband
    sounds very supportive and that's half the battle..well, a 4th of it?
    LOL! Keep coming back and posting!
    Hugs, Bambi
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    Welcome! My husband had about a 5-year period where he was plagued with gout attacks on & off-----that's so horribly painful!! He finally seemed to get past it (last attack was about 10 years ago), but he always keeps meds in case. That, in addition to FM, must really be hard. Sounds like you have good family support, though.

    I'm glad you found this site, I've learned an enormous amount about FM here, certainly more than I ever learned from any doctor. People are very supportive here; everyone has a little different way of treating their FM or CFS, but you can get ideas about new things to try from the varied methods. Please keep reading & posting & I hope you feel better.

    Welcome Hugs,
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    Hi, Chewie:

    I like your name, but how did you come up with it? Just wanted to welcome you here, but sorry you are in the same boat we are. I was diagnosed with endometriosis nearly three years ago and with fibro last July, although I am sure I have had both most of my life. Sounds like you are having a rough time. I am still working full-time (half-time during the summer), but am wondering how long I can do this. My husband and I are attending a seminar at the end of this month in Cincinnati (we live in Southern Michigan) to get more info on fibro, and more importantly, how to apply for disability.

    I hope you will continue to find this board a place of comfort and support as I have.

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    You need to apply for SS ASAP,(you can do it over the phone)- you may be able to have your old case reopened( payments retroactive). I would highly suggest getting a GOOD lawyer, or at least talk to one could tell you for sure. And what ever you do don't give up. After 2 1/2 years of appealing I finally was approved. It's a long and frustrating road, but keep appealing they hope you'll get discusted and give up.Don't.
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    Hi Chewie, welcome to our world. Glad you decided to post.

    Sorry you are having such a bad time, hope things get better for you soon.

    Moving is really stressful. I moved to the country 8 years ago, and am still 'wondering' what is in some of those boxes in my closets! Some day I will start opening them, I know there is some real surprises waiting for me.

    Again, welcome to the board, and hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    My husband suffered for many years with gout. He made
    numerous trips to the er only to be sent home. He was finally given a rx for a medication called allopurinol.
    He takes 1 pill a day and it keeps your uric acid levels in the normal range. It has been a miracle drug for him. The type of dr. that prescibed the rx was a orthopedic, bone and joint specialist. Hope this might help.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!